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Here's my entry! (edit: Re-upped, fixed typos)

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NBA Jam is like chicken wings. They're a slam dunk when they're ON FIRE.

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@Mento said:
There's something backwards about a Quest involving Brink looking like a failure right up until the deadline, whereupon it becomes a success.
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4253-3482-4346. I got Street Fighter, and I want to fight! 
In the street!! Tell me if you add me, and I'll add you.

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Consider it strapped on. I'M READY MOTHERFUCKERS

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Could you help me out?

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@KaosAngel: It isn't working for me D: 
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Why aren't they taking MvC2 or TvC's bosses as answers? 

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Get the app "Google Listen". It's an app specifically for podcasts. You add podcast feeds, and then you can set it to automatically download the newest episodes when they come out, overnight, when the phone is plugged in and/or when you're on WiFi. It's a free app, I suggest you give it a look!