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And all that delay nonsense (and sometimes censorship) is exactly the reason why I, since I'm living in Germany, have an US and UK account.
yeah, i thought my uk account would be enough but i guess i will get a additional us account, especially since us m$ points are crazy cheap anyway.
Most of the time I use the US account for that reason. The UK account is the backup in case some DLC is IP-restricted and I have to use the VPN tunnel.
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And all that delay nonsense (and sometimes censorship) is exactly the reason why I, since I'm living in Germany, have an US and UK account.
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GT: derO23
Germany (GMT+1)
Since 8:30 EST translates to 3:30am local, which is not really compatible with my work schedule, how about another timeslot for the Euro GB crowd? 

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Depends a little on the price and a lot on the games library.
Right now the 3DS launch titles are way more interesting.

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@DivineCC said:
" You can get an endless combo with the chainsaw. Just hold the block button while you constantly spam the chainsaw button into an enemy with a gun. He will stay in the combo until you stop. "
Also works with the knives but slower. Helps if you want to get to a exact number, e.g. I stopped at 666. 
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It took me about 3 minutes to get to 500 creature kills using this method:

1. Load the level LEAP OF FAITH, go till you reach the first platform with an enemy and kill him.
2. Kill yourself by jumping off to the left or reload last checkpoint.
3. On the reload a large swarm of bats appears on your left. Use the pistols or submachinegun to kill as many as possible (on the average I got 12+ kills per load).
4. Rinse and repeat.

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 While trying to improve my move execution & timing, e.g. still having troubles to FADC into anything, I read a lot of advice on the web and watched many tutorial videos. I realized that seeing the hands/inputs was way more helpful than written how-to's and asking another player for tips helped me the most. This made me think about playing in the arcade (which sadly I can't because I live in Germany) and raised a question: Does anyone of you still play in the arcade?  Meet new players? Ask for advice?  I mean in addition to or instead of the console.

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" GB is more entertaining then most of the stuff I already pay for, why on earth would I not pay for the subscription? "
Same here.
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Hmm, co-op.

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" Hmm well I used my current credit card to buy stuff from internet in USD multiple times, it's just the steam offers me deals only in EURO. When I pay in USD on internet, the ammount is just substracted in CZK (local currecy) from my account. Same wit EURO and others. Problem is only at Steam's side, as I see it. "
Your credit card works fine (and in every country & currency of the world). I guess Steam localizes via an IP range check. They detect that you are located in Europe and so you get the Euro pricing. A way around this could be using an US proxy server to create a new account.