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I don't know I think they should push it back a few months. Only on one console for the time being and coming out same day as Fallout 4 seems like a very bad idea. Also I wonder if Horizon Zero Dawn is coming out around the same time as Tomb Raider on ps4.

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Is Cuphead ever coming to PS4? If not I might have to consider getting a Xbox One down the road.

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@artisanbreads: Its all good I said something to you first. I can't do the dark stuff. I'm either fast forwarding or walking out the room. It is pretty ridiculous how easy it was for them in Dorne. Don't know what's up with this season but a lot of it has been pretty bad. Maybe it's all the changes and some of the casting. I was pretty excited to see the sand snakes and to me they have been the worst part of season so far. I need to go have a laugh now. Going to go wash this off with some Silicon Valley.

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@artisanbreads: Yeah same here. A lot of times with this show I can honestly say I have busted up laughing at some out of place shit. I jokingly call it paying the HBO tax. I'm with you on this season. Passed few episodes I thought were pretty bad. Sorry I didn't look at it from your angle.

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@artisanbreads: Yeah I know it's a tv show set in a fictional fantasy world thanks for reminding me. That shit just makes me real uncomfortable real or fake in a good or bad TV show or movie. Got to be honest with you when that went down fast forwarded straight to credits. The changes haven't bothered me to much so far but after that was like NOPE!!!

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@artisanbreads: You and your friend started busting up laughing at the end of this episode? Me and my girlfriend were pretty bummed. Couldn't in any world find myself laughing after that. Hopefully something really good comes out of these changes.