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@rachelepithet: On the live from playstation stuff are you just looking at the first Live section I think its called? If you go to the games sections it shows how many people are actually broadcasting that game. I tend to see way way more than 100-200 streaming COD, GTA V and Destiny alone. Think the first section that usually has around 100 spots is just for the people with the most viewers. I guess which is kind of telling in itself. Even in top streams doesn't seem like that many people are watching.

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@ohlookatwinkly: I think it is worth it. There are quite a few cross buy games out there and remote play works ok for me. I can play Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn on the toilet its great.

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Sony does need to get their shit together with updates. I really want to be able to customize my own bar maybe have different folders or something. I would also like to remove stuff from my library. I can see that thing being a pain down the road.There is no need for a Destiny Beta, Destiny Alpha and FFXIV beta being in there since the games are now out.

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I have had my PS4 since launch and I love it. I wasn't planning on jumping in so soon but my girlfriend asked which one I preferred and I said PS4 so she pre ordered it for my bday. A lot of my friends also seem to be going the Sony route this time when picking up a new console. I honestly can't tell you the reason why but that is where I am at mostly these days so I am happy. Even if I didn't get a PS4 day one I would have went with them anyways.

Sure their "exclusive" line up right now hasn't been that great but looking down the road I rather play Bloodborne, No Mans Sky, Until Dawn, Uncharted 4 and Persona mother fucking 5 rather than another Gears of War or Halo. I might pick up a One when Quantum Break or Cuphead comes out but I don't know. I'm starting to hear that Cuphead might be coming to other consoles too so if that is the case I will do my best to wait. I've never been into racing games really so I could care less for Forza, I've never liked the Dead Rising series and about time Sunset Overdrive came out I was about burned out with open world games.

PC gaming I run hot and cold on. Been console gaming all my life and I just love coming home kicking my shoes off, sit in front of the tv and go. Never really seen the point to make the jump until maybe Star Citizen comes out. I know a lot of people say WiiU but i haven't liked a Nintendo console since the Gamecube. I'm not the biggest Mario or Zelda fan these days and the rest of their titles I'm kind of "meh" on also. I honestly don't know what happened. I just know some years back my Nintendo switch turned to off and I haven't cared enough about them to pick up their consoles on my own.

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@humanity: With last gen I didn't pre order to much unless there was a midnight release for something I really wanted. All the stores around here always had more than enough copies and I would just run by right after work and pick it up. Now with digital its just real nice not having to deal with the traffic and waiting behind someone bitching about the 5 bucks they are getting for their copy of Crackdown and Vampire Rain. I hate to say this but if I could put a extra $10.00 on a digital pre order and play it the weekend before release I probably would.

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@humanity: Honestly its a habit from my younger days before I had the money I do now and me being impatient I buy most games I want day one anyways. When I was younger I treated pre orders like lay away. I get my little check from my crappy job and I would put a little towards a pre order until it was paid off. Now I have the money but I am still pretty much impatient even more so when it comes to video games. I am that guy if we are going somewhere at a certain time and you aren't ready when I come to pick you up you are getting left. Few of my friends learned the hard way lol.

So end the end for me there is no difference if I buy it now or the day it comes out and hey these days I don't have to waste my time with 5 o'clock traffic trying to get to a Gamestop or something to pick it up. Just go straight home, kick my shoes off and enjoy a new game. If I have the day off already that is even better cause I can just wake up, enjoy a good breakfast with a cup of coffee and get to playing. If a new game is about to come out that I want there is no way I am forgetting. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve almost every time.

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@mb: I am but I pretty much enjoy every game I buy. Well except Brink I still want my money back for that crap. I also have Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, Mortal Kombat X, Until Dawn and Uncharted 4 pre-ordered. Soon as Batman Arkham Knight, No Mans Sky and Persona 5 show up on PSN store I will get those too even though verdict is still out on if they will be good or not. I know pre-orders are the devil but whatever I was going to buy all of them anyways.

I am pretty excited for a lot games it seem I might like and I bet I will enjoy all of them. Only toss up might be Bloodborne cause I have never really been able to get into those games but I give them all a shot.Might be something weird about me but I know what I like and what I should stay away from. I never go in thinking a game is going to be crap. I enjoy a lot of what I play when I can. If my friends ask about a game I try to be honest with them based on what they like. I turned my cousin away from The Order and he was hyped for it. But he is big into action heavy games and multiplayer. Told him it was really story heavy and short with no multiplayer so don't waste his time.

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@secondpersonshooter: Lucky, would be real nice for games I am on the fence about. These days its either all in or don't play it at all. I don't have the patience at all to wait for a decent price drop.

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I've never like the Souls games but I will still probably say Bloodborne.If not that then No Mans Sky or Uncharted 4. Those are mine unless Persona 5 comes out this year.

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Does anyone know if there is a Giantbomb crew on PS4? Turns out the randoms in GTAO are the worst of the internet all in one spot. I also can't figure out how to turn off the game chat besides going in and muting people one by one.