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Im more curious to see how well Tomb Raider does this holiday coming out on one console at the moment the same day as Fallout 4. Hopefully it does well considering how last one was considered a flop by Square even though it sold millions of copies.

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@azrailx: Same here, I like DS9 and Sisko is probably favorite captain so far. Love his combo of really caring and a bit of a hard ass. Dude loves making southern foods, baseball and seems real real old school (as much as you can be in Star Trek). Also DS9 has some of my favorite Star Trek characters like, Quark, Nog and the boss Odo.

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@dussck: It has been working pretty good for me lately. I like the new movement option and the addition of storage is pretty great. But Roach is still a asshole though when it comes to movement and how he spawns.

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@bceagles128: Yep same here downloaded it as soon as I got home. It's pretty good so far can't wait to play more. I had a shit eating grin through the entire first section of this episode. Like playing a old school animated movie.

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I don't know I think they should push it back a few months. Only on one console for the time being and coming out same day as Fallout 4 seems like a very bad idea. Also I wonder if Horizon Zero Dawn is coming out around the same time as Tomb Raider on ps4.

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Is Cuphead ever coming to PS4? If not I might have to consider getting a Xbox One down the road.