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I got a couple of PS4 beta codes if anyone needs them.



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@mikey87144: I just realized I lied. I do care about soccer to some extent. Both of my nephews play soccer and I love watching them play. I go to just about all their games. That is about as far as I go though. Those little dudes can take a hit better than the professionals do.

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@mikey87144: I don't hate soccer I just don't care about it. I also don't care about baseball, hockey, golf and tennis. Yes I love watching and playing basketball and football so sue me but I don't look down on people for not loving the things I love. Maybe if I grew up somewhere else I would love soccer but the neighborhood I grew up in as a kid had a basketball court across the street. I can honestly say I can't think of one sport I out right hate.

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1. South Park

2. Wolfeinstein

3. Final Fantasy XIV on PS4 don't know why I'm not a big MMO guy but digging this game.

4. Broken Sword 5, I haven't beaten it yet but I'm a sucker for the series.

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@handlas said:

@maverick1 said:

I'll never understand why people pay to play unfinished games.

I'm playing and I have not bought Destiny.

And good for them. My thoughts went from disinterest to definitely buying.

Same here, I went from really not giving a shit about this game to pre ordering off the psn store this morning. Got into alpha last night and I'm really enjoying it so far. Can't wait for the full game.

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@sacui: When you say you didn't get any of dlc does that include Javik in ME3? If so that's a damn shame. He is up there with Garrus and Wrex for me. Making him dlc was bullshit.

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@sacui: over here man and I also didn't like the ending. I can honestly say I played through all three mass effects like 6 or 7 times. That even includes all dlc.

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@somberowl: I don't really care about that. But hearing Kevin Spacey is playing the villain has me interested.

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@wrecks: Oh shit they got the kid that was Moses in Attack the Block? I think I might be hyped now. I loved that movie.

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@elwoodan: If I remember right I don't think he really gave a shit. It was more the crew on Transformers because of the things she said.