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Dota style games also have tire lists.

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The textures aren't that great on the PC either, but the load-times are amazing if have a newer computer with a SSD. The game stores a huge amount of information in each save file(10+ megs after you have played a while) , but they only take 2-3 seconds to load on a SSD.

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@Tru3_Blu3: @Tru3_Blu3 said:

Sad that there's only 294,661 smart people in this world.

*With the exception of those who cannot afford PC hardware.

How does an irrational attachment to plastic discs make you smart?

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I haven't played a lot of shooters lately, so i haven't bought BC2. But I have played both 1943 and Heroes and the biggest problem with both those game is the low player limit. Playing a huge map like Wake island with less than 20 players, you just won't get a lot of action. For me the sweetspot in BF2 and 2142 was 40-50 players on a medium("32player") map or 32 players on a small("16 player") map. I like my battlefields to be a bit crowded. Was never a fan of the huge 64 player battles, but i know that many are. So with this it seems like everyone wins. Everyone that still plays shooters on PC at least ^^

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There already is a game based on Ender's Game. Its called Battle Tag and it's made by ubisoft (Zero-G enviroment not included)

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i wish creating a utopia was as easy in real life as it is in Civilization 5.
I also wish it was harder in civ 5, its to easy and breaks the game.
also Gandi is imba.

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Communism is so good. 5+ production i every single city! how can you say no to that?

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 The game is powered by Namco.. It's Ridge Racer.. RIIIDGE RACER! 

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Back when i was young, we only got a perk every 3 levels.
Get off my lawn!

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i generally proxy rush terrans and protos with reapers, against zerg i i wall in and tech to Helions and later Banshee if my opponent lacks AA. Works pretty well, at least until you get to dimond level, then you have to start getting a bit more advanced.

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