Fun game!

Bought the early acess beta thing for this game. Spendt about 6 hours playing around with it.

It's kindof a rougelike-y minecraft-ish forest survival game. It's perfect when you're listning to podcasts at the same time.

Anyone else played it? what do you think?


working steam

this weekend for soem reason steam started working again for me,  it hasent been working for ages, think tis my internets fault    mmm l4d2 at last


New Batman Game!

Ok, so gary oldman leaked that there is a game being made for Christoper Nolans batman series, (maybe somethign that isnt a directly movie-game?)

A comic-movie-game that isnt being rushed for the movie release!!  i really hope this game is going to be good, and they got some of the actors from the movie involved (atleast oldman) also help make it better.
Ohh i hope there's some Scarecrow action on it!.