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Yeah they do plenty of paxes, missing out of the GDC couch stuff this was was the wrong choise in my opinion. I am for variety in content.

Also when they do panels that wont be recoded thats the most annoying. Im sure they can manage to just set up 1 static camera with OK sound.

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@kub said:

I wonder if Jeff is pissed off about the nomination for him as a "gamer" along all the youtubers. Maybe this nomination was an inside joke as I think Jeff do not like the youtube streamers very much.

Good show overall, MUCH better than previous shows. Good stuff from Geoff.

Lots of exposition for Nintendo, Sony was also visible, Microsoft not so much.

Jeff talked about the matter in the bombcast. ;D

Reggie did seem to treat it like a typical e3 keynote.

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What did the Freedom Cry do that was so different from AC4? I played like an hour of it and put it down, because I thought it was exactly like the main game, which I've already spent 20 hours on.

Did I miss something?

Most of it is proapbly cause it dared(?) to touch on slavery at all.

the gameplay was just the same as before with some very sligthly new mission things.

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I cannot believe they're giving away Far Cry 4 and The Crew. I'm guessing not many people bought the pass.

Well, ubisoft knows how many people bought the season pass, and how many out of those ALREADY bought far cry 4, leaving an acceptable low number.

The crew propably will benefit from more people owning the game.

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Buy a ps4, the pressure on the publishers to make games work right is highest on console.

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Works like a magic. Ubisoft really should spread the word, alot of people would get a much better gaming experience knowing this.

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@shoshiaj said:

I heard this has micro transactions. I'm thinking fuck ACU! and I'm a huge AC fan.

If they are things I can unlock by playing, I'm okay with it.

Yep! you can pay if you dont wanna unlock them the normal gameplay way.

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Good thing he got the studio set up in time ;D


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@kortex: How about waiting till after e3? E3 will have the entire crew plus the 2 new guys(atleast thats what they hoped for)

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I tried getting into this show a while back, but i think that lead actor is kindof awful, so it feels somehwat nice seeing it cancelled.

Hopefully some new great comedy show will end up taking it's place ! =D