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Buy a ps4, the pressure on the publishers to make games work right is highest on console.

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Works like a magic. Ubisoft really should spread the word, alot of people would get a much better gaming experience knowing this.

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@shoshiaj said:

I heard this has micro transactions. I'm thinking fuck ACU! and I'm a huge AC fan.

If they are things I can unlock by playing, I'm okay with it.

Yep! you can pay if you dont wanna unlock them the normal gameplay way.

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Good thing he got the studio set up in time ;D


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@kortex: How about waiting till after e3? E3 will have the entire crew plus the 2 new guys(atleast thats what they hoped for)

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I tried getting into this show a while back, but i think that lead actor is kindof awful, so it feels somehwat nice seeing it cancelled.

Hopefully some new great comedy show will end up taking it's place ! =D

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it's 2014, can't we just clone Drew?

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I think non linear missions only can be a step down, you loose some refinement with that. A mix would be better.

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yes, no? *twitch* *twitch*

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The only thing like that in AC4 that I can recall is the ps3's Aveline mission.

Certainly isn't any sidemission string relying on that.

Ac4 is a fantastic game but there are things I'd like to see them keep.. I guess they gotta "save" something for the upcoming games when they no longer have sailing etc.