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Good thing he got the studio set up in time ;D


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@kortex: How about waiting till after e3? E3 will have the entire crew plus the 2 new guys(atleast thats what they hoped for)

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I tried getting into this show a while back, but i think that lead actor is kindof awful, so it feels somehwat nice seeing it cancelled.

Hopefully some new great comedy show will end up taking it's place ! =D

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it's 2014, can't we just clone Drew?

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I think non linear missions only can be a step down, you loose some refinement with that. A mix would be better.

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yes, no? *twitch* *twitch*

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The only thing like that in AC4 that I can recall is the ps3's Aveline mission.

Certainly isn't any sidemission string relying on that.

Ac4 is a fantastic game but there are things I'd like to see them keep.. I guess they gotta "save" something for the upcoming games when they no longer have sailing etc.

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Do take cover when you are getting fired at, it basically means you won't take damage.

SOmetime i do in battle with msot ships is that i stop my ship from moving, makes it easier to target. Also try aiming for the hull of the enemy ship.

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I'll add you, Anyone who wants can add me aswell! My psn id is: deskpe

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@grillbar said:

what about 1440p it excist aparently

Dosen't jsut about every resolution exist? it jsut needs to be scaled, wich is something consoles do.

Devs doesent have to chouse specifically btween 720 and 1080 theres also everything inbetween (as far as the relative math works out)