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Hi all,

I've recently completed a poster design based on FEZ after playing through the game obsessively, just to let you all know I'll be doing a very limited screenprint run (25 in black and 5 in blue) of this in the next 2 weeks so if you're interested just drop me a message on twitter (-at-danclarke)

More details here:



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I wasn't sure whether this belonged in ''general discussion' or not - but here it goes anyway...

You might remember a while back that I worked on a project with called MD-001 - It was to produce a high end poster based on the Japanese Sega Megadrive ( I had always said that I wanted to do similar projects based around gaming, and as we're coming towards the end of the 100 run for the MD-001 prints (hurry!) I thought I'd tell you a bit about what's next:

From a design perspective I've always loved the Gamecube. I think it's one of the greatest console designs there's ever been, and I do think it's the last true example of a console that doesn't feel the need to sit comfortably along side a Sky box or a DVD player (it has a handle and they sold it in purple for fucks sake). It's a great example of a games machine that looks like fun - and the more time you spend with it, the more charming details you notice. I personally think the pad is also one of the best there's been.But enough of me fawning - The plan is to create a piece of printed graphic design to celebrate the NGC. We haven't agreed all of the details as of yet but the following is pretty much set in stone:

-There'll be 3 versions based on the the Japanese launch colours - Indigo / Spice Orange / Black

- Each colour will be a variant so details will be different- There'll be some link between the three variants

- We're collaborating with some select games journalists to write a short piece that will be included on the print

- It will be a very limited run (I'm aiming for less than 100 per colour)

- It will be more ornate and intricate in it's make up than the MD-001 poster

- It won't be anywhere near as expensive as MD-001 (nothing to to do with profitabilty, we're just using different printing processes.)

I'll add any updates in here, there's also a Twitter account that exists (@DOL001) where I'll do a launch giveaway to people that follow - In the meantime here's a few WIP bits of the pads:


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Just a quick update to let you know these are now available to buy (should you wish):

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Looks amazing!

Any hint on pricing? Would really want one on my wall.

Thanks everyone - price is yet to be nailed down - but I would say around £30 GBP + postage.

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Hey all,

Just thought I'd post a bit about a project I've been working on with my mate, the co founder of

've produced a design based on a blueprint of an NTSC Megadrive and the iconic MD logo overlaid on top of it - And we're having them silk screen printed at A1 size on the new GF Smith 230Gsm Takeo paper (which fittingly, is Japanese.) at this very moment. The run will be limited to 100 - And already got quite a lot of interest from some of the retro gaming guys on twitter - They'll be available to buy in the next week or so and we will be posting internationally if needed. Here are some shots from the process, and a few of the finished article - hope you like:

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Gah - this means I might have to get another 360.

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Hey all, 

Just finished these 'Wim Crouwel x Virtual On' poster designs - thought I'd put them up here being game related and all. Feedback appreciated!:

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Here's my effort. Wanted to do a set of 3 with Gannon/Zelda but didn't have time sadly! either platform is cool for me if I win please :-) : 

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As per topic, I'm having a real hard time getting rid of these effectively. I'm upto Level 27 and currently doing the Point Lookout DLC, but these guys are just a pain. Im using probably in excess of 20 shotgun shells upclose to the head in VATS, but they just seem to be unbelievably thick skinned.
Is there a weapon that's particularly effective? Or a method to get rid of them a bit quicker? Or are they just notoriously tough? These are probably the first enemies that have given me any trouble for a long time, including deathclaws.

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