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The Original Sin & Punishment was an impressive game that suffered from poor timing. Released at the tail-end of the N64's lifespan and popularity, S & P was only able to generate a cult following in the United States which eventually led to an import release on the Wii's Virtual Console. Today, gamers are granted a small miracle as one of the most prolific developers of the shooting genre has released their latest work exclusively for the Wii console.    The modest Wii graphics are serv...

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Big Boss indeed 5

Peace Walker takes place after the events of Snake Eater and the Portable Ops games which follow the origins of Big Boss, the organization Foxhound and many prominent characters featured throughout the Metal Gear canon. Peace Walker sheds light on the birth of Outer Heaven, an "army without a country" that acts as a war deterrent  in countries that are unable to legally keep a standing army.   Lead by the now legendary Big Boss, Outer Heaven begins working with a pair of mysterious pupils of pea...

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Alan Wake has captivated gamer's minds for five years now. It seems like whenever new information is released about Wake, it actively contradicts the last bits of information. Initial impressions suggested a survival-horror game with an open world similar to the GTA series. Some thought it would have a persistent world with its own weather system and day and night changes in real time. Today, the answer to what Alan Wake is has become much clearer--a linear action game with an emphasis in story-...

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