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Overall I'm dissatisfied with BF3. I should be wanting to play it 24/7 and I'm not. I have 1942/BF2 and BC2 and hoped BF3 would be closer to BF2 than anything else. I can't help but think that they tried to target the Modern Warfare audience (Rap trailer?) simply to gain more sales and I think that led to my "average" feeling on the shooting as a whole. The guns are decent, the levels are ok though there are several I just don't care for. Hopefully that will be resolved with the Back to Karkand ...

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Such a disappointing ending 0

Spore is one of those games that immediately sucks you in so completely its suddenly several hours later than you thought it was. You go through the first four stages of the game rather quickly, most likely not taking more than a few days. As you progress through these stages you build and modify your creature as you unlock more dna parts. Before you enter the final stage, the space stage, you finalize your creatures appearance (appearance is all they're good for now). Then you head off to what ...

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