My reasons for hating gamestop

I've seen a lot of lists online of problems that people have with gamestop.  I hate the place for a lot of reasons but mostly its due to their employees.   The one that I dealt with today exhibited a whole new level of shamelessness.  Its one thing to ask someone as they are finishing their purchase if they want to pre-order any games but its another thing to constantly ask them this repeatedly while they are trying to sell some games and buy some other ones.  At no point in the process did the salesperson mention anything else other then pre-ordering games.  Anyone who knows anything about marketing would probably try to speak with the customer first about what types of games they like, recommend some specific games that they might potentially be interested in pre-ordering based on their tastes, and the like.  No.  This shameless moron just started asking about pre-ordering and did not even mention games at first, when he did have a recommendation for a game to pre-order, it was the sequel to one of the games I am selling.  Dude, I'm selling the game for a reason, why would I want to buy its sequel let alone before it even comes out.  Also the guy has insanely greasy hair and just sounds like an idiot.  Its not that nice to criticize people based on their physical appearance but in conjunction with the shamelessness of this individual in trying to get me to pre-order games it is even more of a problem.