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I have a middle of the road PC (i5, 660ti) and have yet to run into a game that I can't have a good time with. I built it with the expectation of playing the latest games with better performance than my PS3. While it does that, I actually have come to appreciate PC gaming for the titles like Hotline Miami and Gunpoint, neither of which are about performance. I spend most of my time playing games that could run on a crappy laptop, but that's not the point - PC gaming has made me appreciate the functionality of games, not just how pretty they are. For the time being, those types of games are predominantly found on PCs.

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@mrfalcon: Thanks for that - I didn't know there were Crimean Tartars. Turns out they have a fairly rich history on that land. I had no idea.

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Why is anyone (by anyone I mean the American press and the majority of UN mouthpieces) surprised that a man who was high ranking KGB during the Cold War is a fan of nationalism and collusion? This should have been expected and frankly it's surprising to me that it took this long for him to annex a sovereign country. Also, you know what Russia is historically terrible at doing? Managing fucking land. Ask anyone in Uzbekistan.

And the term "ethnically Russian" is a designation that was created for this type of situation only. People in Crimea might be culturally Russian - but they are ethnically Slavic, as are both Ukrainians and Russians.

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While I have no problem with online courses in general (I took a math course online at my college, and agree with @clonedzero that it was a thousand times harder than it would have been in a classroom), don't forget the purpose of most college experience in the eyes of a prospective employer: learning things is great, but that's about twenty percent of what is gleaned from a degree. Employers want to know that you can consistently show up somewhere on time, take orders from another human being without being disrespectful, and socialize with strangers in such an environment.

That is what your graduating from college shows an employer. That is also why their is a stigma surrounding online universities in most professional environments. Learning is wonderful, but for most people college is about proving that you can put up with massive amounts of bullshit and maintain a fairly decent GPA - doesn't matter what your major is. This outlook will undoubtedly evolve as more people take their educations online - but for the time being, it remains.

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33, Male, Chicago, Northeastern Illinois University - Biological Anthropology (just finished, high honors [humble brag, sorry]).

I am of the Hitchens "Anti-Theist" stance. I do feel that theism in itself is not harmful, and agree that the motivations of mankind are often masked by the implications of one's religion. However, the state of Christianity in North America is such that heavy proselytizing by way of influencing legislation has become commonplace - most often resulting in the continued denigration of women. This is, should one truly believe the works that are the foundation of most popular religions, inherent - their creation myths all begin by stating that woman was created to be subservient to man.

I used to just passively dislike this aspect of Christianity, believing to each their own. However, I just had a daughter, and realized that I don't ever want to her to feel as if she isn't equal (and, biologically, far more important) to any man. Were these just people's opinions, I could protect her from them. More and more these opinions are affecting law and public school curriculum. That is why I am now a vocal atheist.

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I'd also like to add this, in regards to comments about Kotaku (and Gawker media in general) as well as the general climate surrounding writing for a living these days.

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I would like it if people who wanted to write about games for a living stopped trying to get BAs in Journalism. It has nothing to do with the field. You'd be better off getting a degree in Communication and Media. I have similar complaints when I hear of someone in the gaming press "breaking" a story (sorry Patrick - I like you, I really do.) Telling us about something first is not breaking a story - you just beat the other guys to the punch. Telling us about something that would otherwise be hidden (and is of societal importance) is breaking a story - it is a term that should remain within the realm of journalism, which writing about video games is not, and co-opting the term is disrespectful to writers dodging bullets trying to report on something. Sorry, ranting.....

I do agree that the people who write about video games are an incestuous bunch - but so are the people who write about movies, as are the people who write about science, as are the people who write about literature, and so on. Critiquing things for a living is a lucrative endeavor and always has been. Not saying it's easy, but it is definitely easier than making the thing being critiqued. There is a long line of people behind you with the exact same desire. If you are truly as disillusioned as you say, maybe try something else. If you're just venting, then yeah - it sucks. Keep at it.

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Not a lot!? Where the fuck are you from?

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I don't know much about Premiere, but with Avid systems the CPU does most of the work - regardless of your GPU. Even when Avid claims that it plays nicely with your GPU, you can monitor usage in the background and see that it still relies on your processor for the most part. If you do serious video work, get the i7.

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I am going to assume that this opinion will be automatically disliked, but here goes.....

Can they hire someone to do video with @Patrick Klepek in Chicago? It seems like he's putting out a lot of content by himself and it would be great if he was able to spend some time playing games with the CAH guys, or Dave Lang, or get some good video interviews with any of the numerous small studios in the area, etc. - but with some production quality other than a webcam.

I would think that they could get someone to do it on contract for next to nothing -- I have the equipment and would do it for little to nothing, and I assume that there are hundreds of people in the area who would as well. Seems like an inexpensive way to get more video content on the site.