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@mooseymcman: Cormac McCarthy uses the same style as well. If you read "The Road" it doesn't get in the way, as there are never more than two people talking to each other at a time. "Blood Meridian" can be a huge pain in the dick to follow thanks to his hatred of quotation marks and having ten characters interacting at once.

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I'll just chime in to say that Bad Company 2 is still thriving on the PC, and I have more fun playing it than I do BF 3 or 4. Obviously not for you if graphics are your thing, though. I think it holds up just fine, and still has better destructible environments than 3 or 4.

Also, doesn't need both Origin and your web browser running in the background to function. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

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@gkhan: This is all true and I was being overly hyperbolic. However, as a Bio Anthropology major, I subscribe to the hypothesis that our selection of ten as a standardized quantity is based on our ability to track that number with our fingers. As growing evidence for cultural bonds between previous species in our clade strengthens, so does the idea that our ability to use numbers for identifying quantity began with them. In that sense, the selection of ten is not arbitrary.

And I'm totally down with Swatch internet time if you are.

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Just remember that it's okay to not be okay. Any advice given in your particular situation is moot, as no one knows what you're feeling or going through. The most important thing is to not feel bad about..well....feeling bad. And you seem to be thinking pretty clearly all things considered. If you both care about your children, it'll be okay - even if the two of you aren't.

If you need to, schedule a single appointment with a psychologist and see how it goes. NOT a psychiatrist, unless you want to score some antidepressants and receive no actual help. (Apologies to any possible psychiatrists reading this [but not really].)

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I am torn on whether or not MAME constitutes pirating. By strict definition it does, but it seems more like going to a museum and taking a picture of the Mona Lisa, then printing it out and building your own frame. If you hung that on your wall, would that be considered stealing the Mona Lisa? I have a MAME cabinet that is only powerful enough to play older arcade titles and often wonder if I should feel terrible about not giving the developers of Galaga their due.

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Just chiming in to say that a base ten system is not arbitrary, and has been used and modified for (likely) two hundred thousand years.

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Johnny Mnemonic.

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@lawgamer: Yeah, I meant his thread title stating that tenure itself was unconstitutional.

I can also tell you that, in Illinois at least, you are correct - public school teachers are considered to be 'tenured' after a certain amount of service, regardless of performance.

My wife is a public school teacher in Chicago and I also used to work for CPS; I assure you all that it is not terribly difficult or uncommon for a school to get rid of tenured teachers. It takes an entire school year to do so, but it happens all the time.

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This conflicts with previous Supreme Court rulings (Perry v Sindermann). It seems the ruling is only interested in how tenure is handled, not that tenure itself is unconstitutional.

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As someone who lives in Chicago and has rented many a shitty unit here, at the very least be assured that the City of Chicago does not fuck around with landlords, contract be damned. They always side with the tenant. So you are moving to a better place. Welcome, and I hope Ohio doesn't bone you too hard on this one.

I am not a lawyer, but I'll speak from past experience - check your contract regarding what constitutes "date of action". I had a lease (in Chicago, so who knows) that was only fully binding AFTER you physically occupied the premises.

Also, in Chicago, there are stipulations that can break a lease agreement - most notably if some aspect of the building isn't up to code. As there is no single building in Chicago that isn't cutting corners somewhere, this is most often used as a roundabout way to get out of a lease. See which city office is in charge of rental properties (if there is one) and find out what types of violations can break a lease agreement. Then find out if your friendly sounding landlord is breaking any of them. Then report him to the city.