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General Info

  • Male
  • 25 Years Old
  • Seattle Metropolitan Area Resident
  • Video Game Player
  • Metal Music Listener
  • Electronic Dance Music Aficionado
  • K-Pop/J-Pop Addict
  • Anime Enthusiast
  • Sports Lover (Baseball, Football, Automobile Racing and even Soccer.)
  • A Self Proclaimed Easy-Going Guy who Takes Almost Nothing Seriously
  • Lazy
  • Sarcastic
  • Human Garbage
  • Vita Owner
  • Your Friend, if You'll Have Me

Gaming Info

XBL: Dethfish77

PSN: Dethfish-X

Steam: Dethfish

All Time Favorite Game: Super Metroid

Misc. Info

My Youtube Channel. It has things. Mainly GB Race Night montages and some other GB related stuff.

My Twitter Account that I sometimes use.