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About 20 minutes after playing my first sonic game, which was 2.

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I thought it was awesome because I don't take my dinosaur theme park movies too seriously. A Super hybrid dinosaur and a raptor hunting squad just makes it more amazing.

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Azazel seems like a pretty easy character to use. He's way more easy when you start doing things like this

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Race night was certainly one of my favorite multiplayer experiences ever. I most enjoyed it when it was just as dumb as possible. No promises or anything, but I'm hoping to join in again soon.

Also, nobody is allowed to actually meet me. It breaks the mystique.

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I would definitely buy a GB hat, but it would probably have to be a fitted or sized one.

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I love that video. Just the idea that Dan Ryckert would make an instructional video about cooking is the funniest thing to me. I think Dan may actually be a comedic genius.

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@sarriss said:

The funeral in lost oddessy had my in a fragile state.

It's been so long since I played it that I don't remember a lot of specifics about the game, but I remember shedding a few tears at that part.

The others for me are mostly common offenders, like The Walking Dead and Mass Effect 3. I think the ending of The Walking Dead is the most I've ever teared up during anything. It was like a nonstop stream of tears.

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I spent almost 30 bucks at a jack in the box once. I was full afterwards, so I'd say it was pretty worth it.

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I'm a total wuss when it comes to the horror genre, so I'm very surprised that I've actually seen one of the movies on this list. I wouldn't say The Awakening is the best movie ever, but I definitely enjoyed it. It's not that scary though, so it might feel a little boring compared to these other movies.

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Illusion of Gaia


Mega Man X3 (if you're willing to pay a lot of money)