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This is a good thread title. Perhaps one of the best.

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I prefer to stand in front of the toilet and just piss my pants.

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I think this has all been a bit ridiculous, from both sides of the argument. One thing I would like to say though is, this whole thing seems slightly disrespectful to Dan and Jason. I realize most people aren't criticizing them directly, but I feel by criticizing the decision to hire them it makes it sound as if they weren't worthy of the selection. I just hope they don't feel that way. It would be a pretty shitty first day feeling.

One other thing. I know the new hires have not been ideal choices for some people, but from my point of view I'm happy to get whoever I can get at this point. This site has been losing people from the main office consistently for over a year now. The numbers were getting dangerously low. I can't help but feel extremely excited that we've finally gained staff instead of losing them.

Anyways, I think all this arguing back and forth is kind of crazy. I don't know if I've ever seen arguments on the internet settled with someone saying "oh, yeah, I guess I was wrong.". It seems like the best thing you can do is voice you're opinion, hope the staff members notice and take it into consideration for next time, and move on.

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You guys are a bunch of goofballs. I love you all.

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Congrats and welcome, Dan and Jason! We all chipped in and got you this shitstorm!

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Good lord people, calm down.

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I love that the fucking vending machine is the thing that ends up settling this

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The weird thing is Greg Miller is actually the new hire

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Another great video! I had an idea to make something similar to this, but then I remembered I have no skills and it would of been awful. Glad someone much more qualified did it instead.

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@mb said:

Guests should be chosen based on how fun and interesting they are, not by their sex or ethnicity.

I agree. I don't care who's on the panel as long as they're interesting and comfortable talking in that environment. I think that should be the first consideration when choosing guests.