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@crusnchill said:
" @MrKlorox:
Say's the guy who just insulted me and my country by telling me we have bad teeth and breath. Go be angry with the world elsewhere. 
I'll say again. IGN would welcome your type with open arm's and big smile's. 
So, please, just leave. "
Oh, snap!  He said ign. Buuuurrrnnnnnnnn
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I've seen some pretty stupid comments on here Sounding like a protest against long hair. Presentable? Its judgmental words like that being thrown around that make people have the urge to fit into society so they won't be singled out. Its highly generic to do so. Its it's judgmental people like this that Want us to be enslaved into a militaristic society and forced to keep in line. 
My opinion, if the students are Getting good grades, effectively communicating with other students and not causing a disturbance with elements of drugs, violence and gang related issues. They should be allowed to do what they want with their bodys or hair for that matter. Within reason of course, But The fact the school focused their efforts to nearly exterminate him from school means that they don't understand importance of education. 
It wasn't dyed pure green. it was just regular hair, he should have been expelled if it was related to anything else above i stated. but it wasn't, its pretty much denying a kid education and i find that most disturbing. And i think its because of schools like this, they Really do miss the point most of the time.
Edit: This is not targeted at the Sarcastic comments :D

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@Brunchies said:
" My old Catholic School had a long hair dress code like that, I thought it was one of the worst and most ridiculous rule I've ever seen, Glad I don't go their anymore. "
Oh yes, I've heard of that as well. i think its pretty silly when the teacher assumes that the hair is the distraction, if the students are being distracted visually. it is there fault to be honest. Now, loud music would make sense, but something as silly as hair is just well. You know!
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I'm hearing about so many laws being passed in texas, its ridiculous. I'm honestly glad i don't live there anymore. Now, I've never been in a public school. so i don't know if the Dress Code is the same for every where else. 
but kids should be allowed to have any style hair as they please, dress codes i can understand. But if his long hair isn't inflicting any kind of difficulty during his study. then let him be free willed. and also, from inside the home it doesn't look like he lives in a Bad home or anything. What are your thoughts? Article here.

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You know why Gatorade dropped tiger woods? Because they figured it'd be tasteless to say "Is it in you?"

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@lordofultima said:
" That's 20 bucks dude, I'll take it. "
Put a big poo stain on there too well ya XD
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@Bigandtasty said:
" The better question is "would the jogger accept $20 to do this" "
To get money for alcohol, We may never know.
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I had a friend once before we stopped talking to each other, Tell me this little story about him and a family friend of his that he helped move out of this house. Well to be exact, it was his friends mothers home. he had known this guy for a couple of years and this man is a openly gay individual.
However at the time, my friend was a pretty bad alcoholic. He drank all of the time and it got on my nerves so bad. He still gets messed up. Well, anyway He was hard up for money at the time and i never got a straight answer from it. But the gay individual asked my friend if he would jog for a short period of time to soak a pair of underpants in his sweat.
I never got the end result, but who on earth has this kind of fetish. i don't know any women who would fantasize about sweaty men's underwear. give me a break! especially some gay people, that's just nasty. i don't really have anything against them, but it was very awkward to hear this. 
EDIT: he said he would give him $20 if he did it. Did he do it? I have no clue.

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@EVO said:
" As some of you may know, yesterday I received a Dreamcast. Awesome, right?  Well, Jet Grind Radio hasn't arrived yet so I've got no games for it. That is unless I don't just download games for it. Which got me thinking: is pirating old games OK? And by old games, I mean those which are no longer available in stores.  I plan to buy many Dreamcast games over time, but am I really hurting Sega if I pirate games when there's no money to be made off such games? Wouldn't that be hurting the stores that still sell Dreamcast games, and not the developers. Some of which no longer even exist?  At which point do you draw the line when it comes to piracy? "
That is something i actually understand. Since it is not available in retail anymore, i don't see the problem. No one is getting any money anyway. And its not like you are profiting from this, so i don't see anything wrong with it. But i think that sega secretly has faith in the jet grind radio series still. i have this weird feeling that we may see it on the Wii Virtual console someday. I don't really pirate anymore on top of things. i actually pay for movies or video games in some way or form. Especially a massive sandbox game, i couldn't steal that. Developers had nightmares trying to get that together.
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@Chyro said:
" @Mowgers said:
" Last I heard, Huxley has kinda changed from this awesome persistent world multiplayer shooter with loads of dudes on each side to some fairly straight Unreal clone... honestly man, if you're pumped for this you don't want it to come out. "
Yup.  I was closely following this game about 2 years ago as I really enjoyed Planetside.  But I kind of gave up as I heard they more moved towards a micro-transaction kind of deal. "
Oh god, that makes me want to stay away from it. i hate micro transactions.