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Rare isn't the video game company they used to be. alot of the talented designers/artists and composers left before perfect dark zero was created. I feel that the future of rare won't be the best in the years to come. i certainly don't have faith in them after what they did to PDZ. That game was pure crap and that was my First xbox 360 game.

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@dbz1995 said:
" I would buy my wife from Ebay. "
Then i would buy your wifes virginity you'd put on ebay.
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What is it with developers these days? That game is running on the Unreal 3 Engine and it still hasn't come out. i am a bit skeptical, i remember when i was only old enough to drive a car and i was reading EGM when it was still around and they had a article on Huxley and how cool it was going to be. Now its still not out! 

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" @IceOrb: yeah i need to get ac2. i'm broke so i asked for it for xmas, and i've played shadow complex, it's rad " or are your friends. Trust me, i use Gamefly. Been playing the games i couldn't afford.
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Doesn't make me want to resign up or anything, I'm staying here. Viva la Jeff, i remember that day.

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By the way, it is a shame the Slim PS3 cannot allow the use of Linux.

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I finished the games story mode on hard. i really enjoyed my self with this game, there were a few problems i ran into. But these are minor when you consider how great of a game this is. i really liked the level design and the structure of the environments.
Too bad it feels little short. I really wanted to hear Zeek and Cole talk some more, it seems like there is never enough dialogue. However, the cut scenes were pretty cool and the last boss fight was a real challenge.
For everyone about to get a Slim PS3. You are in for a treat this Christmas, Batman and Infamous will keep you busy and will keep a smile on your face.

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Don't take the negative opinion from the poster up top, she/he's only mad because Your post wasn't convenient  for him/her. Anyway, i understand what you are saying. There are simply some film critics i cannot stand. But you are right, GI JOE and transformers 2 are terrible. 

However, Terminator Salvation wasn't all that bad. I often listen to rogerebert's opinion on movies. He's been around the longest and gives a Really good indepth opinion of why he didn't enjoy the film. There are simply some critics who miss the point entirely or just act immature toward the reivew.

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@Akeldama said:
" Did anyone else find this boss battle to be annoying and extremely anticlimactic? I was waiting for that fight the whole damn game because KC looked really fucking awesome.  Thoughts?  "
Yeah. the fact that the developers made the intention of crippling your advantages in the sewers made it seem like they felt desperate to keep you down there. What the heck are the gadgets for if they aren't going to give you some type of advantage?