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@ahriman22 said:
  • Internet based phones starting to come out.
  • Life changes
  • High School Diploma
 I'm not going to remember the depressing shit, because that's just stupid. "
It is indeed what has made you a better human being no? Social progress is a wonderful thing. You graduated high school, congratulations.
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" I'll never understand why people think 9/11 is important. Worse tragedies happen everyday and nobody cares. Thousands of African children die per day due to excess diarrhea because of dirty drinking water. Yeah I guess that's not as big of a tragedy of a thousand adults dying one time. Oh yeah and by the way, the number of people who died post-9/11 due to increased highway traffic far exceeds those that died on the day due to the terrorism act, but the statistically-inept public probably doesn't know or care about that either.   "

9/11 only angers me, We still haven't and probably never will Find osama. Who even knows or has proof that he is accountable For those actions anymore. Its just a mess, it makes me wonder why soldiers are over there, We haven't made any real progress. We have only had The cabinet and the past presidency and now present presidency take freedoms away from the people. I Swear, i cannot stand half of the people that go to my Towns school. 
A lot of them want to go to the military to get great jobs, and end up in IRAQ. Some act like they are ready to kill, But what purpose are they killing for? I'm sick of some of these people with pretended patriotism.
 They have no clue why they are really fighting, I'm tired of these old people talking about how If we don't go over there, they will come over here. There hasn't been a attack on US Soil in Years. Just let me remind the people that we were Attacked with our Own planes. OUR planes were hijacked. 
Honestly, if a war was worth fighting, How come we won't attempt to attack north korea? There are alot of people over there brain washed into accepting the reality they have been conditioned in. 
Do they have any clue how isolated it is over there? While IT would be terrible bloodshed. I would think those people would need our help more, There is NO social progress over there. Just someone in power with selfish destructive behavior benefiting nobody but himself.
EDIT: i do respect servicemen and women, just not the military sergeants who think it is fun to rape innocent women, Kick children and hurt men in those country's.
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" @deusdigit: Let me help you maybe get a pinch more cash out of your sale.  When you're describing the place, say it's not well insulated and not installated.  That alone should kick you up 10 grand back to $50,000. "
You mean that 50,000 is worth it? and i should also say that, There is a qualifying tax credit for those who are first time home buyers. A lot of greedy people in the market are raising prices just because There is free money flowing.
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" Don't try to play with a market that you don't understand. Let them leave the house at it's current price, it'll sell. "

Considering its been a Year, The local walmart Has moved out of this town. And the amount of TLC, Repairs that are going to be done none the less Whoever owns it after us. Tells me that the asking price for this House is too much.
Edit: To prove a point, which i cannot do as of now. I would love to post a picture, but its below Zero wind chill outside.
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" @Al3xand3r:  Wait, parents give money to their kids when they move? Well! I've been jipped! "
i have no clue where you got that idea from, what do you mean.
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Well i live in a Two story 1800Squarefoot home. And the house needs Some tlc, i mean not BAD tlc. But things like wiring and patching need to be done badly. And some areas of the house get cold because it doesn't have installation in some areas of the home.
Also, its powered by Gas Heaters which are expensive during the winter time. The only benefit of a gas heater is if the Power goes out. We just put on a new metal roof on the home and the last time it was painted was a Few Years ago.
only a few adjustments have been done, i'd say if someone was going to buy this house, They should get Siding put on, Installation installed in the attic and the wiring taken care of. There is also a shed, i've tried to talk my parent into lowering the price but the parent is getting Greedy about it. It doesn't make sense because there are much better homes Ready to move into that are of lower priced.
This house isn't in the ghetto which is a good thing and its in walking distance of some of the Convenient stores and restaurants. Generally there isn't any crime and there isn't any traffic.
my parent was asking $50,000 which is crap considering Wal-mart Just moved out of our town because This town wouldn't give them a tax Break. Life is passing by and i guess i'll be moving out when i get a better job. Because i'm starting to think its not going to sell anytime soon.
We were going to move to florida, But only one person has considered looking at this house, $40000, 45000 sounds much more reasonable. My parent thinks i am stupid and young, But shes being delusional. Your thoughts?

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" Ryan already posted this. "
Oh, well this is on the Dead space 2 forum. I Was wondering why it didn't show up in the General Games Discussion.
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I'm rather excited to hear this, it was no surprise. But to expect a announcement this soon is Awesome! Honestly, i played resident evil 5 this year and i didn't really enjoy the single player as much as everyone else has.
Dead Space has resurrected my faith in the survival horror series. That game was absolutely terrifying, i nearly jumped out of my Chair during the ending. Are you buying it as well? i think i have my Christmas present ready and waiting for next year.
anyway, i wonder what cool ability's you will have this time around and i also wonder what it is going to take place on? i thought the game's potential really sky rocketed toward the end. i don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't already played it.
Anyone who hasn't played deadspace yet, i'd suggest you find a way to rent it, borrow it, buy it or steal it if you half to. Just kidding, Don't steal kids!

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" @deusdigit said:
" @Hitchenson said:
" Why is your entire post written in bold?  "
Because i Can, it is That Simple. "
If people went around doing things just because they could the world would be a terrible place. For example I could go on a rampage right now and kill my entire family, but I won't because I have self control. "
Not the best example, but is it my right considering my use of freedom of speech.
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@TheMustacheHero:  A binary blanket.