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@deusdigit: You aren't coming off this thread looking too hot. I tend to buy games months after they come out a lot of times so I don't spend as much on them. Who really cares if someone gets a game a few days early. Doesn't make the game any less enjoyable.

You're coming off like the guy who yells "FIRST!" in the comments, and no one likes that guy.

I'm not really coming off like that kind of guy at all, i think you need to analyze and check your comparisons before you make a statement like that. I am here to make a point, i am a fan of video games and specific franchises associated with those games. If i pre order a video game, i am making an investment and securing that investment in what i believe will be a fun experience for me.
but since i am a consumer, it upsets me to know that the game is already available, what makes waiting for the street date so special if this is the case? it literally defeats the purpose of waiting entirely and it also messes up stat tracking and allows people to be dickheads about spoiling the video game. Also i need to make it very clear that reviewers are exempt from my bias, they don't intentionally spoil video games, they write reviews for people to think ahead of time before they go out and buy the video game.
It's also kind of annoying that video game publishers don't seem to care, yet they still have the street date up anyway. Why not go ahead and release the game now? I'm done venting now, i just want to be treated equally as a consumer. That is all.
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Mom & Pop stores

Yes. This is the advantage they have. They will always take it.

I'm just going to be a douche and say they should be punished for it.

yes because everyone should work at wal mart

nah, maybe everyone should feel their money was worth the investment and everyone got a fair chance to experience a highly anticipated game.
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smells like jealousy in here
I suppose, it just makes purchasing the game not that special since a lot of people experienced it and this alleged street date is suppose to be the time its available to the public. I mean if its already dated, packaged and released. then screw sales figures. just release it and get your money now? Game reviewers are exempt from this, so they don't bother me.
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Mom & Pop stores

Yes. This is the advantage they have. They will always take it.

I'm just going to be a douche and say they should be punished for it.
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It's making me less excited as a gamer to realize that people get a hold of the video game before the street date. HOW does this keep happening? how come people of management aren't keeping a close eye on retailers or employees who have access to the content in question? I really hate to wait in line at my local retailer and coming to find out that someone already had the game  before me. its killing the journey and the excitement behind every highly anticipated video game i try to buy. it also kills me to know at this moment that people have already completed the single player campaigns and are already matchmaking and ranking in Duke Nukem Forever. 
the leader boards get screwed up because of this, what makes the street date so special if i can just get the game off of ebay before tuesday? Your thoughts. and oh, i am aware that there are copies of the game that are region free in ASIA but i am not concerned with this because it would take forever for a region free version of the game to hit the household in question.

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Hi, i have two black wires i have not connected yet, one of them are a black ground wire chassis i suppose. i have a photo here because i am a little new with car audio connections.i connected everything else because it was self explanatory but these black wires, do i ground both of these seperately to the chassis or do i connect them together? Before, when the cdplayer was install, the ground wire was left alone and this was from a nissan altima. the car i am installing this 2008 unit into now, is a 1999 dodge durango.
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We have all seen this coming countless times, as DirecTV dropped them, olivia munn left, the original staff from both channels aka TechTV and G4TV are gone. and the channel has lost its identity completely... I only ever watch xplay when i do check out that channel. i miss the old staff. G4rewind had a stream up of Oldskool g4 style stuff. it was interesting to watch. i honestly don't even know why the channel is in existence anymore...

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Hello all, its been awhile since i last posted. I own a 1999 dodge durango and i was wondering about something... the only way i can start my vehicle is if i put it in neutral. and the only way i can drive is if the orange icon is shifted somewhat to the right. and to go in reserve i need to put it in D before i put it in park. Any idea why its doing this? The car runs great and drives everywhere. just a little bit worried about this.

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I have been waiting for this video game for a long time to come out. and i never see anymore updates on it, even the website has a few broken links. What ever happened to it? Did it die or is it still in development? Etherway, its bothering me...

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Maybe my opinion will fluctuate but, i really enjoyed liked god of war 3 and perfect dark xbox live arcade edition. not much else this year...