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@Raven10 said:
" Start by not posting a story like this online that she could easily see. Second, apologize. "
Names, Locations and Ages were not mentioned. I think i am safe tho, thanks for the heads up.
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@GilbertMordinAndSullivan said:
" @deusdigit: My one question: Why is setting up a Facebook account a prank? "
The same reason throwing toilet paper in someones yard. its harmless and biodegradable. 
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So one night while i was at work, me and a co-worker were horsing around and i went to go wash dishes, and she decided to take some whip cream and smear it in my face. Usually she is pretty silly at work and that isn't a issue. pretty fun to work with and makes time fly by real fast. I work at a restaurant in case you were wondering. 
So anyway, i told her i was going to pull a prank on her, and she told me i better not touch her car, in a funny and non serious way. I told her i was going to do something hilarious. She kept trying to guess what it was, and i wouldn't tell her. So eventually i tell a co-worker that i am going to make a facebook account of her and add all of her friends. He laughs and i laugh and we think it isn't a big deal.  
So that night i go home and create a facebook account. i put a funny picture of her making a face and list very simple things like employer, high school, age and the fact shes in a relationship. Nothing complicated or serious, no messed up biography or anything. and eventually i start to add people. Well by the time i wake up the next day, close to 30 or 40 people have already been added. she is rather popular but not like preppy popular or anything. Just a lot of people know her to be the funny, crazy person with a good personality kinda girl.   
Well i go to work and tell her what i did as a prank. The whole situation fades to black. She flips out and says what?! you better not have! you better delete it, oh god! what have you done? So i said why aren't you allowed to have one? its a just a joke calm down! she precedes to tell me in a nervous and very angry response while yelling that she isn't a loud to have a facebook and that her and her boyfriend made that agreement sometime ago. if he were to find out, he would flip. He works for a construction company and he graduated high school last year. He's in another state of course.  
So basically i call my friend to have the account canceled and terminated. No big deal, done within a day. But she by that time threatened me and told me my butt was already kicked. and got really dramatic even tho the problem was already solved. She kept trying to call her boyfriend to talk to him. Her sister calls her and tells her the account is gone. Side note: i should have mentioned that she tried to call her sister prior to get it removed faster, but her sister is obviously not smart enough to access the email asscioated with the account to deactivate . Then out of nowhere she goes back to normal and goes to her old self. Starts laughing and joking and all that. 
So i made the personal decision not to speak with her for the rest of the day. First of all, i thought she was my friend enough to tell me the real reason why she didn't have social networking account. At first, she told me she wasn't the facebook kinda person and didn't want one. You don't threaten someone to fix a situation, You calm down and work the problem together. 
Yes, i admit i did something slightly wrong in the context of creating it. but if i had known prior, it would have never happened. Also, her boyfriend is a paranoid control freak. Anyway, should i apologize to her? she actually keeps switching positions at work not to work with me.  

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@DeShawn2ks said:
" So I get home tonight and turn on my xbox to play some Halo Reach with some buddies and I get this.

So seeing how this will be my 8th 360 I am bestowing the title of crappiest console ever made to the xbox 360. I treat my consoles with care and still somehow I have managed to go through 8 of the damn things. This is honestly the shittest console I ever owned from a hardware point and I used to have some stupid disney console my mom bought for me as a kid that you hooked up to the VCR and played games with crappy cartoon videos. A console that I used to think was so bad I can't remember the name of it today. Some one please fix this please Fable 3 and Undead Nightmare come out next week =-(. "
If it were my console, i wouldn't have a problem attempting to fix it. However, i do disagree with the faulty system design with the inability for accurate air flow and amongst other things. There is no excuse to why a console has such a high failure rate as this one. I imagine the slim doesn't have as many design flaws as the original xbox 360 does. But C'mon already, even tho my playstation2 had a disc read error. I always just needed to take it apart and clean the lens. Thermal paste is suppose to last for several years on average. The 360 changes that =\
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Hi everyone, i have taken back my old job and i am about to start saving up money for a vehicle. my question to you is, what kind of car should i buy? my budget is only able to demand between $1000-$2000. I have been looking around on craigslist and found a lot of good deals. Gas mileage isn't a big issue to me, but i would like to have a car with somewhat decent mpg. however i have been leaning toward a ford explorer 96-01ish. this is probably a gas hog but that doesn't concern me once again. i want a nice and big vehicle i can put a lot of people in, hall stuff, you know the drill. I am open to just about any idea tho.

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They left! Thanks anyway guys :\

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@PrivateIronTFU said:
" Then why the hell are you posting? Just tell them to leave. Total waste of time. "
But they don't know i am here and i am trying to keep quiet.
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@LiquidPrince said:
" Do you know them? Are they your friends and you just don't want to let them in? If so then open the door and say you're tired. If not call the cops. "
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Yes, you read that right. i wanted some "me time" today and some people came over anyway. they have been sitting on my porch for almost a hour and a half. i don't want to answer the door because then they would be aware of my presence. i figured i would share this moment with you as they walk around, and act stupid. What should i do about this?

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I am currently unemployed at the moment, but i have been focusing my attention to GED studies as of recently. The job is two miles away, so that means i would have to walk to work. I have worked there two times and never really had a problem with the job. Just the minimum wage paid for all of the responsibility's involved. never have gotten a raise which is kind of a downer. considering i show up every single time and always early.