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No one posted any steam ids :| or messaged me??
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i'm not exactly sure if its a trial or a full version. but i have a extra pass to send to someone. if someone who has steam that would like it, please let me know. i'd like for someone to have it. Purchased the orange box so i had a extra copy :D
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Thanks for informing me everyone. or Atleast giving me a heads up. What if i had a Gamerscore on that? OHHH man... thankfully i didn't

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i still find it rather silly. I don't know if thats true entirely tho. i think i have not logged into it since Feb. but thats only  4 months. its because i didn't really need it at the time. But gamertags shouldn't Expire just like that. even if you pay for it. its ridiculous

especially to those who are in War and have live accounts. but they can still expire. you know what i mean?

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I had noticed that my Live account email had expired. so i logged in to check on my xbox live gamertag. little did i know, a account creation screen popped up. and i freaked out wondering why this was. so i called xbox live and found out that, even if you pay and don't use your account for so long. It can expire and never can be retrived. I'm not a fanboy by any means but this gives me another reason to Stay on PSN. I was getting excited because i actually had plans to use that gamertag on xbox live, but now that its gone. PSN for the Win.

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But when you compare to games like MGS 4 and Bioshock. they take quite awhile to load each scene. alot of developers don't take advantage of the installs. thats what i like about RE5, a little above average i'd say.

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I'd just like to say that i am very impressed with resident evil 5's loading times. it rarely takes any time to load up environments. Correct me if i'm wrong, but not only is it visually impressive and expansive in some areas. the load times are very fast. not many games out there on consoles that i know of load this fast and actually take advantage of the install on the hard drive, Just saying.