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@blazerx9x:  Well not only would you have your friends help a little with the situation. But can i ask why the principle is so keen on jumping to the conclusion that you can go to juve? and did you do cause some kind of trouble in the past? i would try my best to be polite and honest about the situation. i don't see why someone would get sent to juve just because of a honest mistake. it's not like you vandalized anything, and i assume from this post you didn't intentionally look into the bathroom stalls and violate privacy standards for women. if no one is testifying against your word, you should be safe. otherwise, get a lawyer?
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I am very disappointed after watching the new nightmare on elmstreet film. it's not to say a majority of horror films now don't really have a compelling storyline or characters to relate to. but in this case, we have a excellent opportunity for freddy krueger with a actor like jackie earle haley. after witnessing his peformance on watchman as the Rorschach from watchman. i really had high expectations for this film to be at least compelling. i guess i need to stop kidding my self, because horror movies are terrible these days. only now and then a really good and under appreciated movie comes out.
I guess i'll stick to watching the saw movies every year, even tho they have pretty much used up most of their shock value.
It's not a full review. But i guess i could tell you that there is obvious room for a sequel and the characters act stiff as cardboard. It was a better idea to make a prequel at least interesting enough to know where freddy got his start.

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@ArcLyte said:
" all journalism needs an overhaul, not just video game journalism "
Including Fox News. COUGH!!
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Totally digging the yellow camo.

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I often find my self in a bit of a disagreement between the two. Personally i would like my partner to be a bit attractive to me, but at the same time, a personality is everything. sometimes rarely, there is a person who is beautiful in both of these. at least where i live, mainly a small town where i can't really say what's waiting out in the world. But this is a personal perception of mine, i am not really trying to judge anyone. it's mainly a personal preference. I'm not trying to be unrealistic and say, compare anyone automatically to a model or anything like that.
What about the rest of you guys? How do you perceive a female/male figure with these quality's presumably that caters to your ego/interests?

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@KingWilly: Oh you mean the Journey involved? Yes i absolutely agree. It does take away that silly journey or whatever. when you go rent a movie or game.
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Sounds Intense.

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@Benny: I don't understand why 4chan is even given the chance to "hack something" on a regular basis. unless the security was weak, do people even use other operating systems besides windows or stealth their routers anymore? especially a law firm.
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@Aronman789 said:
" I don't give a shit, and actually when you think about it, it should be the independents that should be striking out against what the government has caused, not the people who caused it "
And the libertarians xD
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It depends on if i have work or not. But mainly i try to keep things clean and organized, Not so much that i have a OCD or anything. But mainly whenever i would do nothing but work so many days in a row. I would let my room go to waste.