I make gifs and art.

Hey duders, just wanted to take the opportunity to show some of my latest artwork. These are two pieces I worked during this week. I'll have one more later tonight. I'm really into gifs right now. (IMPORTANT: THESE ARE BOTH GIFS SO CLICK ON THEM TO SEE THEM IN ALL THEIR GLORY. DAMN YOU GIANT BOMB.)

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Latest page of my webcomic

The new site fucked my previous blog post so I'll just show the latest page as an update for anyone who is interested. You can read it here from the start. It's a labor of love really, I don't get any money from it. I do it because I've got nothing better and I don't have a job right now. I hope someone out there is enjoying it as much as I am doing it. Anyways, here it is. Page #7:


Hotline Miami is great, isn't it?

Yes it is, and I did this to show how much I love the game. Hope you duders like it! If anyone has the developer's twitter let me know! I want to send this to him to show my appreciation to his work but... I don't have a twitter account. I think I'll have to make one. Shit.

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Good night!


I'm making a web comic! What do you think?

First pages and cover for the first chapter of the web comic I'm working on. It is called Kodomo ("Kids" in japanese). I won't say much about the plot and characters but basically, it's going to be a weekly page showing the strange and bizarre adventures of two homeless bastard kids as they traverse the old city in their quest to find happyness. The year is 20XX and this is their story. You can visit http://kodomostory.tumblr.com/ if your interested. I'll be uploading more pages often, hope you all enjoy them.


My art and stuff wee!

Here is more of my work. It's been a long time since I posted anything on this blog but hey, I'm still here. Anyways, hope you like these. It's tough showing stuff to people when I'm going through an identity crisis. Suddenly I got bored of using my old pseudonym 8bitViking for all of my artistic work. Now I don't know what name to use! I have to use one, can't have my real name be the actual title of my website. It would be too long. Maybe I should make up some words or something like that. We'll see. This is dragging too long. Here's the stuff! (SORRY FOR THE HUGE IMAGE. WAIT, NO. THIS IS MY BLOG. DEAL WITH IT)


I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetery

I've never been touched so strongly by music in my life. I never knew music could move me in such a way...

(Yeah I know, this post is HUGE, but for some reason it became very important to me to share this with other people. I don't even know why I'm doing this but here you go.)

This band is magnificent. They are called Woods of Ypres. The lead singer died in a car accident last year. The lyrics are gloomy and depresive but they are, at the same time, a celebration of life and the living. Like the last moments of someone that knows he is about to die. It's almost prophetic in some sense. David Gold will be missed, he made some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard.

This is by far the best album I've heard in the last couple of years and I know I'll be listening to this record 'till the day I die. It's obviously for the fans of extreme music but believe me, it's amazing. Grab a cup of coffee and go for a walk on the cold outside while you listen to this. You can thank me later.

I want the song "Kiss my ashes (goodbye)" to be played in my funeral. Can't say enough good things about this album. I seriously cried while listening to Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light.

Give them a listen here:

Why are you writting about this here? You may ask, well here is why:

I've done my research on David Gold and I've come to the conclussion that Woods 5 was basically a suicide note. The lyrics are very clear, I'm not going to post them here to prevent this post for being longer than it already is but if you liked the band, I suggest you read them.

His twitter feed stoped on December 18, five days before he died. His tweets read as follows:

"#Wood5 is a dangerous record for how real it is and for how somewhere out there, those stories are unraveling in terrible ways in real life."

"I can only hope to never again create something around which there would be so much destruction, hurt and loss. We MAY survive THIS one. #W5"

"...far removed from the places and events but nearly 10 years in, to live WOODS OF YPRES for real is damn near lethal one day at a time."

"When meanings become so heartbreakingly ironic, it's hard to face the final product when you live the meanings like a prophecy come true."

"It's humbling to write something in strength and conviction, only later to fear what you've created because it hurts too much, is too close."

"If we make it to Woods 6, I think it would have to be a positive record. A life-comeback record. If we get through this, now.#Woods5"

I feel so sad now. This is someone I just found out existed about a couple of weeks ago. Discovering the true story behind this beautiful work of art is making me feel so depresed. I find myself so identified with his lyrics and the tone of his voice. It's giving me the chills. I should get some sleep now...

R.I.P. David Gold...
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