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I'm not convinced about the FMV. I don't want the experience to be more immersive. The guys in that band look like douches.

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The thing is, vaping just looks dumb. Most people I know use it just because it's the new thing. People seem to think vaping is completely fine in places where smoking is prohibited. That's not true. It's the same thing.

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That was amazing.

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Duude noooooo! Where are you going? :(

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You don't seem to know much about Smash Brothers, do you? It's basically the same argument Jeff made during the quicklook. This game is for fans of smash brothers now, not for the new comer. If you don't get why Captain Falcon is in the game, then you really don't know much about it. Sorry. Smash Brothers was never and still isn't made to promote other games. It's a deep and satisfying fighting game that not many people put the effort to learn properly.

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That was fucking worth every second. I fucking loved it.

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Congrats duder! That's awesome! Glad to hear you got something positive out of this. Good luck on your new job.

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Mustard Master Race

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Great article. I love when both devs and it's community are sincere to each other. This also shows a better example of how we, as an audience, should act when discussing different points of view with the creators. Great job Patrick.

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Weird thing is, the thing that's been keeping me away from this game is the horrible HORRIBLE cover art they've been using to promote it. It's ugh... awful. But the actual game seems really good so I may buy it after watching a quicklook.