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Congrats duder! That's awesome! Glad to hear you got something positive out of this. Good luck on your new job.

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Mustard Master Race

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Great article. I love when both devs and it's community are sincere to each other. This also shows a better example of how we, as an audience, should act when discussing different points of view with the creators. Great job Patrick.

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Weird thing is, the thing that's been keeping me away from this game is the horrible HORRIBLE cover art they've been using to promote it. It's ugh... awful. But the actual game seems really good so I may buy it after watching a quicklook.

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Everybody knows this. Though a lot of American people like to deny it 'cause "MY MURICA".

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I watched the video and liked it. I respect his opinion even though I disagree with a couple arguments he makes. Tho he's right in saying Link Between Worlds is one of the best Zelda games ever.

I would have loved to talk in more detail about this but this thread's title is completely childish. If what you wanted to say was that you respect his opinion but you didn't like how he said it you could have done it in a much better way. This should be closed.

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This is a great idea! They should make one! It doesn't have to be anything complicated. Just the two of them introducing themselves and talking about iPhone Fart Apps. Please do this you guys.

@bbalpert said:

This is the only video intro Dan needs.

Holy shit. Dan Ryckert is my hero now.

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I wrangle my beast through the flappy bit in the front of my underpants.

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All the fucking time, man. But that's because of my OCD which leads me to extreme depressions and suicidal tendencies. I basically used to try to kill myself every month a few years back but oh well, I deal with it and I think it's getting better. At least I don't do that anymore.

Things get better when you least expect it so hang on. Life isn't that bad once you understand that the only way to be happy is for you to make that choice. I know it's hard when dealing with mental issues like mine, but still, it's worth trying.

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I'm just so sad this happened. No one is happy :( This should be a good thing.