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Good stuff! I plan to start writing more casually and read more often. That should start my journey.

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Reading...Damn seems obvious never considered it seriously. Great tip!

Well, like I said I believe the reason for me not liking to write stems from not knowing how to do it very well. I have a hard time articulating myself through writing. I believe if I get better at it I will enjoy it more.

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I tend to agree with you here. That leaked prototype looks like the controller you describe.

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Specifically, 3D dot game heroes. It shows its saving but doesn't and sends to to Xbox 360 forum.

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It's good fun but not very original. I don't think this is a game you will be coming back to after finishing it.

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The truth is the original devs are gone and no one else cares enough to recapture the magic of tose IPs. Thats why in most cases those games are better left alone.

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Dude I was so deep into black. I have 120 hrs, but the bug jump off me now. hate that.

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Hmm... you don't say...

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Cool blog, look forward to seeing more.

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For some reason I still am not into FPS games. I feel like a game jock playin those.