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Fuck. Where were you 6 months ago? My roommates used to keep the filthiest fucking stovetop. Would have loved to show that thing off. Grease everywhere. Just a full pot of grease sitting there 24/7 365, layered with grease. The metal of the burners was all ripply from all the caked on grease. French fries and crumbs of fried chicken all over the place: under the burners, hidden around the nooks and crannies. My stovetop was Sloth incarnate.

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OP pls update. I'll be here. Waiting.

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I think most of people's negative criticisms of this game are kinda off-the-mark, as the game was designed with no checkpoints and such to keep the mood extremely tense. The one huge, genuine problem, though, is the level of total randomization that key moments hinge on. Passing or failing is totally left to chance in some cases, like during Russian Roulette, which I failed again on the 2nd loop with fairly good odds of 1-out-of-5.

After a good dozen failures, I passed the first mission with zero data-loss, no hostage escapes, and no deaths, all on Normal difficulty. A perfect run, probably. But... the second mission... I hope I'm able to get back to it and see what lies ahead, but the fucking randomization...

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feat. Endless Desert Expanses 1, 2, and 3

That's a whole lot of driving. I only watched like 40 minutes of Road Warrior before I got too bored to continue, but I'm pretty sure they exit the vehicles and investigate some mutants, or... something?

Looks cool, anyway.

I don't like Charlize Theron, but I like Tom Hardy.

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Okay, I beat the first mission. No deaths, and no data loss! Normal difficulty. I'm proud. But... now I'm on mission 2... *shudders*

I got to the Russian Roulette part and Burden took a bullet to the face on the 2nd 1-out-of-6 shot. Really thought I'd survive that. On one hand... the checkpoints are rough... but on the other hand... they lend to the intensity of the situation. If I could just load up a recent save it would create a totally different mood. Ultimately, I'm glad it's the way it is. Just be glad it's not a rogue-like-like-like.

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I can't get past the first damn level, but I love this. Getting to 75% completion as my hands are sweating is such a tense experience. I accidentally clicked the wrong thing and the doctor tried to strangle me. It was all down hill from there. Gonna go for a run and come back to it later today. I love it, to be clear.

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Can't wait to see Jeff suffer through the Quick Look of this.

All I want is a totally ridiculous spin-off story, akin to Metal Gear Solid's "Revengeance."

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I've never finished 64 and never finished Sunshine. I get bored probably around the half-way point. Sorry, but those games are boring. All you ever want to play is that first level in Mario 64. Admit it. Sunshine wins because it at least has a whole beautiful tropical island thing going for it.

Of course, if we're talking movies, Sunshine is greatly inferior to Europa Report.

Europa Report > Mario 64

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The problem with 1, though -- and this is something I just can't get over, no matter how much I want to -- is it has Kyle Reese in it. That is just the worst character. Totally unlikable. With a better supporting character it'd win this hands down. Of course, T2 has both Baby Connor and a new angry-faced Sarah Connor, both of which I dislike a fair amount. It's a draw, for me. Eh... guess I'm leaning towards 1 being better.

And Alien wins over Aliens. Prometheus beats Alien 3 and Resurrection... but only because it's pretty to look at.

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Everyone knows all PSPs were either lost or destroyed by 2010. Nice try, Sony.