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It'll still run better than Saints Row II.

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@shindig said:

Yep, 1984 Kojimaland has better technology than 2005 Kojimaland because something, something magic.

At least Kojima has the excuse of wanting to keep the game "fun" or something. George Lucas, on the other hand, has no excuse.

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@humanity: Jesus. I forgot about fucking JG core. Man, that stuff was dumb. Can't wait til Drew gets to Metal Gear Solid IV: the Movie.

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The way he was able to do zero work in college makes me think he'd figure it out. He'd sweet talk into the influential circles, start a riot, and sneak out the drain pipe.

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@truthtellah: Just in case there is any confusion, I made this thread in response to the previous week's podcast; not the most recent one. And I didn't know about Jeff's dad at the time of course.

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@nonesun said:


I appreciate you not giving me a cereal box quote. This thread is ridiculous.

"Do you think this person is a little too "X"?

"You should seek counseling."

A++ advice, fellas, but I wasn't really looking for philosophical tips.

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Sorry, Jeff. There's no way he wasn't proud of you.

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I just want to congratulate you on that title.