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Can't wait to see Jeff suffer through the Quick Look of this.

All I want is a totally ridiculous spin-off story, akin to Metal Gear Solid's "Revengeance."

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I've never finished 64 and never finished Sunshine. I get bored probably around the half-way point. Sorry, but those games are boring. All you ever want to play is that first level in Mario 64. Admit it. Sunshine wins because it at least has a whole beautiful tropical island thing going for it.

Of course, if we're talking movies, Sunshine is greatly inferior to Europa Report.

Europa Report > Mario 64

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The problem with 1, though -- and this is something I just can't get over, no matter how much I want to -- is it has Kyle Reese in it. That is just the worst character. Totally unlikable. With a better supporting character it'd win this hands down. Of course, T2 has both Baby Connor and a new angry-faced Sarah Connor, both of which I dislike a fair amount. It's a draw, for me. Eh... guess I'm leaning towards 1 being better.

And Alien wins over Aliens. Prometheus beats Alien 3 and Resurrection... but only because it's pretty to look at.

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Everyone knows all PSPs were either lost or destroyed by 2010. Nice try, Sony.

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I accidentally watched to Sayid's episode. Looking forward to that podcast. There's a shot where the actress is straight-up laughing during an incredibly serious moment that they kept in the episode for some reason, which I thought was hilarious.

Really? When in the episode does this happen so I can check it out, I've never seen this before, which is weird.

During Sayid's flashback, near the end, when he's helping [forgot her name] the female hostage escape just before killing his fellow guard. The camera goes to a zoomed out shot of Sayid and her, and she's visibly laughing at something pretty hard. Unless her nervous response is just a giant toothy grin.

Also, Patrick said that episode had bad special effects. There... weren't any... right? I think he must have been thinking of another episode.

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Yeah, the problem with Jeff as the host is that he kinda has to set up his own jokes. Being able to react to situations is where he shines.

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I can't for the life of me figure out which part of this situation is a problem. Chris Hansen is not going to show up at your house for dating a 17 year old.

Yeah, this. You guys are so weird. None of this matters.

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I'm still trying to figure out which middle person is Crispy. Asian or White guy? <--if you think that's racist you have problems.

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I demand this to be Brad's work uniform for the rest of his life. Also, you should give him extra "package".

Oh, jeez. Yeah, whatever's going on in that second pic looks painful.

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Yeah a few of the latest videos have had this problem. That FIFA one was probably the worst. I'm sure they'll smooth things out.