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@notnert427: Dude, the TVs are curved. Curved. In all actuality there is something cool to that, although I wonder if it would look weird in the long run. Anyways it's not even an option since all those TVs are ridiculously expensive. The amount I set isn't arbitrary; it's all my budget allows for. I actually went to my local-ish Best Buy and didn't have the best success looking at the TVs. Some looked great, sure, but others that should have looked great looked like ass, since for some reason they thought it would be a good idea to play SD advertisements on 40-60 inch TVs. All those curved TVs looked be.a.utiful, though.

I have perfect vision, so I think I might get some use out of the steady-LED mode stuff, without worrying about eye strain.

With the advice here, I've gone ahead and bought the Sony KDL40W600B. I have a small room, so it'll be a good size, too. Now begins the lingering guttural regret I always get after spending a lot of money. Thanks for the tips, everyone! I have 3 jobs, so it helps to have some guidance and not have to do all the researching myself!

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@mwng: Dang. That TV looks perfect for me, but no one's selling it in the US. Seems only the UK has it. Guess I'll keep researching these.

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I'm waiting to fire up Bloodborne until I get a brand new, beautiful TV to play it on. I'm thinking of getting something between 40 and 50 inches, preferably LED, and wanna spend less than $500.00 USD. I browsed around at Best Buy and it seems this is very possible, but there are a lot of options and brands to choose from, and I don't keep up with the latest TV mumbo jumbo to the point where I could be paying extra for a marketing buzzword and not even know it. So help me, please.

Most of all, just let me know if LEDs really are all that great, and if there are any lines of BS I should watch out for when shopping.

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@canteu said:

I just want to point out that he does not stab that guy in the dick., he shoots him. He loses a bullet when he does it.

You and me, man. We're the only ones who know the truth.

@fobwashed Keep up the fun work.

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@fossas: @artisanbreads: Those are great ones, but they're technically "videos" since they're .mp4s, and I don't think I can embed them into Giant Bomb's forums.

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I hear Dan mention gifs he enjoyed and always struggle to find them. They usually get buried in the comments of the particular MGScanlon video or are posted on some... other site somewhere. From now on, unless this thread already exists, post them here! If you do, I'll try to keep the OP updated with a nice ordered collection of gifs, with the newest at the top.

And obligatory credit to @fobwashed for, like, most of these.

MGS 1:

  • Drew Nikitas himself in the gas room:

  • Drew kills Grey Fox dies:

MGS 2:

  • The famous fumbled stealth takedown (if anyone has a gif with their reactions in it I'd like that one):

  • Drew can't turn on a dime:

  • Drew becomes a spy:

MGS 3:

  • Drew attempts to crawl through a hole:

  • Solid Scanlon's natural 'fight-or-flight' response is to shoot dudes in the dick:

  • The reaction to blowing an old guy up with a grenade:


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Is there a place to get all the MGScanlon gifs? If not, I'm starting a thread. We need all those.

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Damn, these cities are pretty. I guess the one thing I have over you guys is my water not being so filled with shit. At least my citizens will enjoy drowning themselves when they lose their jobs to those better educated than them.

I'm currently trying to build my actual neighborhood in NY. We'll see how this goes, and if it's even possible to create and play a city that's as economically all over the place as mine is.

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Demon's Souls is way harder, in many different ways. Shortest by far, yes, but still harder. Rolling skeletons that track you to the end of the Earth and travel faster than you, laser ghosts, levels becoming harder the more you die, extremely limited "restore me to full max-health" items (until you unlock the vendor that sells them, which you probably won't until very late-game if at all), and -- despite there being actual "levels" in the game -- you can straight up not know where to go at a couple points very early on, and it's the most daunting of the Souls games in this regard.