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Pretty depressing that not even 4,000 people are watching this. I mean, if you really think about it, it's beyond fucking depressing. Mars. We're landing another car-bot on it. And no one cares. This shit is in standard fucking definition. What. The. Fuck. We need to get some charisma behind this. Get Seacrest hosting a shitshow of popstars while this is streamed from a stage. It's all about the spin. Come on, people. "Top five sexiest satellites you'd like to see orbiting Mars." Look at this dude's hair. And his tie. Looks like he's trying to sell me bibles. God dammit.

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Pretty sure I heard him say "fuck" fairly recently and was surprised by it. Or I made that memory up. Either one.

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@demoskinos said:

I didn't think that talk was that bad?

@big_jon said:

Not sure it's nearly as bad as you're giving it credit for.

@mysterysheep said:

@development: Oh yeah... Wasn't he just commenting on how old the industry's gotten and that older developers are starting to pass away more frequently, though?

Maybe you guys think I'm making a bigger deal than I am. It was a bummer. Admit it. That's all. I'm not over here downing Xanax. Just ruins the mood of the podcast.

More to the point, though: this isn't the first time Brad's taken things down such a morbid track, whether on the podcast or UPF. I just think he sometimes makes things more somber than he should, especially for a site that's supposed to be about games and fun stuff or whatever.

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@mysterysheep: Don't have a timestamp, but it was probably at the very end of the "news" segment. Brad goes, "and... (takes on a somber tone) the creator of Lode Runner passed away." Then he says something about oblivion or infinite nothingness or something to that effect. Maybe I should stop listening to the Bombcast at night when I'm most depressed.

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@core1065: Is that what life's about? Damn, man. People will wanna hear this. You should write a book.

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@corruptedevil: Nah. If we throw enough ice cubes at it it'll be fine. I don't know about you, but I'd rather live a billion years than 60-90.

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@make_me_mad: Well my (eventual) career is centered on making sure that doesn't happen, so I'm sorry but you'll have to change your name and get a new face when that news breaks.

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@sammo21 said:

I agree with what you're saying, but like @therealnelsk said it was a relevant topic...just maybe not to the extent it was taken.

Yeah I agree as well. I just want Brad to be a little less of a bummer. Unlike @make_me_mad, I've reached a point where those thoughts have been perfectly attuned into the most horrible fear imaginable at my current age, more horrible than the previously-horrible fear it used to be that I thought couldn't get worse. I doubt I'm alone, too. The solution is of course "dude, don't think about it, then." Well, yeah, I was trying! Until Brad mentioned it.

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@dark_lord_spam: Don't use Chrome. Unity Web Player is Chrome's only weakness. Just open it in Firefox.

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What do you guys think? I think the current setup with Brad as host is fantastic. I think Jeff is better as the witty and knowledgeable dude. I enjoy Brad's love of poop emails. I don't, however, come to the Bombcast to be bummed the fuck out; I wanna laugh. A mention of a recent passing is fine, but to literally go into our own doomed fate and eventual descent into oblivion is too much for me.