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I think Contracted would fit your needs. I just watched it on Netflix. It's mostly focused around one person, and there are some... gross... moments. Nothing too bad, and they really don't show much. The acting is under-par and the writing is pretty ridiculous in a few scenes (like, shit just doesn't work like that in a real restaurant, film writers), but the makeup is absolutely fantastic for how B-level the rest of the movie is. Not super scary or super violent, but fairly tense at times and the brief moments of genuine violence are hilariously bad. Seriously; I laughed out loud at numerous spots in this film.

edit: also, Antichrist isn't that bad, is it? People talk about that movie like it's Saw or something. Just a quick stab and a quick snip in the same five minute scene and all the "real bad" stuff is done with.

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28th? Dang, we haven't heard much about this game at all 'til now.

Definitely don't care for the art style at all, but I do like the animations and the impact of both the player and enemy weapons. Those daggers didn't look satisfying at all, and I don't like dinky careful-button-press attacks in games. Gonna turtle up to the fullest extent when I buy this. I just hope there's more than a measly 8 hours of gameplay.

And yeah luck stats are always stupid. "Magic find" is such a confounding thing to me. If you're always wearing the most 'magic find' armor you can then what exactly are you hoping to find; more 'magic find'? If you have an addictive personality you're not going to say "enough is enough; time to enjoy all this cool armor I'm getting;" you're gonna keep using 'magic find' until you get bored of the game. It's totally ridiculous. It's a design convention that takes advantage of humans' propensity for indulging in illogical behaviors, while eschewing any goal of 'fun.' Don't reward the player for grinding and sinking hours into your game for no reason at all; reward them for playing well or choosing to explore.

Also, in many genres and games (not necessarily this game or Souls games), I find it dumb to reward a player with more powerful items for playing well. Why would you make the game easier for better players? Totally stupid. But that's another topic.

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Proteus. Nah, just fuckin' with you.

Far Cry 3 or Red Dead. The Mexico section of Red Dead, although a totally unneeded section of the game, is real purty. Oh, also the desert areas of Just Cause 2. I like deserts.

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@yummylee: It was alright. The lunch rush was killer (somewhere around 250-500 customers in a few hours) but it was a good job at the time. My second paycheck paid for a Rock Band 1 full set so I can't complain too much.

Jesus. Where did you put all that shit?

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I need to re-watch Resurrection. I remember absolutely nothing about it. Like, nothing at all. Just that I thought it was boring and awful. I think I liked it better than 3.

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I just watched Contracted on Netflix.


Thought it was going to be total garbage. Turned out to be interesting, but with glaring inconsistencies and quirks that accompanied mediocre acting. Definitely something to watch this month if you're looking for some very light suspense/horror.

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My job's alright! Just long hours and low pay. If I only worked half as long and got paid double per hour that'd be great!

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@fredchuckdave: That's something I only just noticed. I must have turned the music audio up too high and I realized Nashandra's music is actually fantastic. With the default volume most of the other boss fights' music just sounds totally generic. I thought the same about most of DS1's soundtrack, too, though, which I thought had just as many good vs. bland tracks.

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For the most part, I'm actually liking it a lot. Not entirely sure if I think this is better than the original though.

I'd rather not watch videos so I can intake it all totally fresh, so I'll ask: does this make considerable improvements, or is it essentially just more of Legend of Grimrock 1?

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@raspharus: Damn. It's worth fiddling with other settings and to keep googling, though. Maybe try lower resolutions, making sure the upscaling is configured correctly (if you're using it at all), try windowed mode or fullscreen mode, try turning off DSFix's AA, etc.