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I always thought Gwyn was really hard until I learned to parry him. Kalameet was hard, but the fight was so fun that I didn't care. I actually used to consider Gaping Dragon the easiest, since it's easy to lure and damage. Of course, as I played more playthroughs I realized just how easy Pinwheel was.

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It's not about validation. We've known for years that Jeff would like a Souls game if he just gave them a chance. Now he is and that's great.

I just find it funny that so many people care about if jeff likes it. Is his validation that important?

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I'm confused. I thought people hated microtransactions. As a mod author: this sucks. If you're making mods for any reason other than to give back to the community then you're making them for the wrong reason. I'll allow an exception for large-scale, hugely time-consuming projects like Nehrim, but not for a sword. You should probably re-evaluate your situation in life if you think you're going to make any considerable amount of money creating mods.

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It should be perfect for you. DS2 was never hard for a Souls game, so the ramp up doesn't mean much. Take that with a grain of salt, though; you're still gonna get your ass handed to you by a few bosses and areas.

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Entirety of Mensis wasn't fun in the slightest. And yeah Frenzy is a stupid ailment.

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I think that was among the coolest boss-fights in any Souls game. So weird, so unique, and so many ways to beat him.

I feel like I want to appreciate those aspects of it, but I was so frustrated by the end that all I feel is annoyance. I'm sure my second and third etc. playthroughs will shine new light on the fight.

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I'm gonna be the asshole who tells you they beat him in only 2 tries. I found I could reliably dodge his DFA attack by sprinting and then rolling, while looking up to time my rolls better.

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@mordukai: Yeah fuck infinite bullet insane-health npcs.

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Yeah the problem was the daggers. Awesome... but they suck in PvE. I feel like the Saw Cleaver is unfortunately the best all-around weapon. Oh yeah the daggers also do split Arcane damage... I'm an idiot.