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I doubt that if people are kickstarting potato salad that weren't into kickstarting other things that they suddenly would if it didnt exist.

I have absolutely no idea what this means.

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Would be cool for Vinny to pop in on Bombin' the AM every now and then, but nah definitely not an entire separate podcast. That would be too much. I barely find time to fit in the regular Bombcast.

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I tasted mustard once. Then Obama got elected. Take that how you will.

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@jasonr86 @krevee @falserelic Thank you all for the praises on my excellent sense of humor, but unfortunately I was not joking. Someone posted something about the Gallon of Milk a Day diet in here and thought it sounded appealing. I looked it up, though, and fuck that. First and foremost: I don't have the money. That's like 90 bucks a month if I'm paying 3 bucks for a gallon, which I probably will be. Also, milk turns me into a bottle rocket, but with farts instead of sparks, and I'm already on a high-fiber diet. I'd probably be shitting my pants on the reg.

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Hmmmm... gallon of milk a day sounds like something I should try. Seems crazy, but I'll try. Also, shit, that's like 60 bucks a month, or more, right? I haven't bought milk in awhile, but I'm pretty sure a gallon of whole milk is like 2 bucks or more. One more expense I can't afford right now. Guess I'll go back to eating tree bark and fried rat.

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Be more poor. Problem solved.

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I accidentally watched to Sayid's episode. Looking forward to that podcast. There's a shot where the actress is straight-up laughing during an incredibly serious moment that they kept in the episode for some reason, which I thought was hilarious.

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@mb: It sounds like they are talking about actually editing their posts. I straight-up am not editing them. Period. As soon as I hit "post reply" it'll show my post as

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Erm... EDIT: Nevermind, sorry. I didn't read all the comments. Yeah, it's the same problem.

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Sure, it's well-written. I guess I never thought to check the facebook of people I know from high school who've died. I deleted my account and I didn't know them very well, so I doubt I'll ever try. Definitely seems like a morbid experience. But... I mean, is it really a bad thing? Even the author makes it sound like she appreciates Facebook's existence since it allows her to keep delving into her friend's life.

Anyway, death sucks. Especially young-adult deaths. Young enough to have endless potential, but old enough to have a life of memories and knowledge worth keeping.

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Not every time. If, for example, I type out a sentence, then erase half of it and type something else, the submitted comment will say "edited" even though I never submitted it in the first place.

Do the posts somehow get pseudo-submitted before clicking Submit? I wonder, because sometimes I'll get a notification that someone replied to me, and upon clicking the notification there appears to be no reply... but then a minute or so later the actual comment is available.

I'm asking the tough questions here. What is Giant Bomb doing to our kids?

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