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Well he's right, right?

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@karkarov: I got that much. What I find weird is that we see Yorgh's body, but not the king's. Maybe the dragon just ate 'em.

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@golguin: I agree with that. I hope you noticed in my words that you quoted that I explicitly state that I think Elana was a piece of Manus. What I think is unclear is the extent to which she may or may not have ruined the city. You bringing up her obvious name adds a good piece of evidence, though. And the king is nowhere to be found, which I found odd. Usually you get some kind of explanation as to a king's location or demise. The Iron King, for example: we're told multiple times that he was killed by the Smelter Demon, lost to the flames that engulfed his castle, and/or became "Ichorous Earth" (the lava flowing from the Old Iron King himself, I assume). Ambiguous and misleadingly contradictive, but it's at least something. The Sunken King, though... well there's one guess, but it seems unlikely/stupid: the dragon.

edit: I know they say Yorgh killed him, but usually we'd get at least a corpse. I also find it interesting that there appears to be a kind of altar in front of Sinh. Perhaps a sacrificial altar?

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@karkarov said:

@golguin: Say again?

You guys need to stop watching Vati videos. The queen had jack all to do with the fall of shulva. The drakeblood knights lead by Yorgh invaded to kill Sinh or however you spell it and Yorgh killed the King during the invasion. Then he tried to kill the dragon but sadly one big ass spear impaling it was not enough to get the job done. It did piss it off though and wake it up, whereupon it bathed the whole place in it's poison breath killing everyone not undead. In game lore, item descriptions, et all spell this out clear as day. Elana had nothing to do with it and her whole job was just singing to the Dragon since she was the head of the dragon priests.

I agree with most of this. For one: yeah, some of you guys need to stop watching videos and just think for yourselves. Vati makes up all kinds of unsubstantiated crap, and I don't think he's ever admitted being wrong; all he says is "this is just my opinion," which... well, no shit. I really don't like the guy's videos.

I disagree that she had "nothing to do with it." I don't think we're given enough to say either way. I think we're meant to think she had "something" to do with it, being that she's a piece of Manus, as was Nadalia, as was Nashandra. Nadalia wasn't responsible for the fall of the Iron Kingdom, however, because the kingdom was lost before she got there. She did, however, seem to corrupt (with little trouble) Raime, who was all for it.

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@dudeglove: Just did it. He totally buffs immediately. Almost beat him on his ascetic+3 first try, but I ran out of estus and the damn lemons don't pop fast enough.

You recognized those armors, right? They're the giants in Heide's Tower of Flame. As to why there are varying sizes of giants hanging in that tower... I donno. The description on their armor and weapons say they're old heroes from an age so old even their names were forgotten. Perhaps they were from the Old Iron King's kingdom.

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@dudeglove: Hah, that's pretty cool. I'll try that right now.

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@golguin said:

I'd also like to add that Sir Alonne was super cool. He was so cool that the Old Iron King actually made his knights abandon their old weapons for katanas. I always thought that it was strange to see fully armored knight wield katanas, but now I can see it was because Sir Alonne was a straight up samurai.

I like to think the Old Iron King and Alonne were fuckin'. Mainly because Dark Souls 2's lore seems about as boring fantasy as you can get, as far as the different "houses" go. Why was there a throne after Alonne's room? It's also the kind of throne the princesses typically had, I think. I think it's the same throne model Nadalia's ashy corpse is resting on after the Fume Knight fight. That's just me throwing stuff out there, though.

Yeah I'm probably on board with that. Although I think it's weird that characters like Straid or Majula Cat -- since they refer to the Sinner as a "her" -- would be talking about the bug. "She though to rekindle the first flame. Foolish." (estimated quote from my memory) <-- seems kinda weird to talk about a bug like that.

@golguin said:

The Fume Knight was clearly the stronger brother of the two as he was able to resist the Dark and use it, unlike every other knight that we know of. Artorias fell to the Abyss and Velstadt had his stuff and abilities overtaken by the Dark. Raime's boss soul item is also pure unlike the other two.

I think this is wrong. Raime's soul gives you two weapons: big sword and little sword. Little Sword comes with Dark damage. I think Raime "the Rebel's" character is meant to be one who would shirk his role in the "cycle." I believe he was meant to be the Artorias of this cycle, but instead of sticking by his king he chose to seek his own path, taking a liking to a bird that means only bad things in his land. Velstadt clashes with him, and "defeats him" (what exactly that means isn't clear, whether death or just rank and honor), and he set out on his own (possibly in exile) to a long dead kingdom. What he finds there is a mourning queen obsessed with dark. He "had the power to repel the black fog," much like Artorias, but instead of fighting it chose to embrace it, because he feels at home with the dark; he'd been fascinated by it his entire life in his old kingdom. He felt he finally found a place he belonged: as an adopted son to a daughter of darkness.

I don't think it said anywhere that he and Velstadt were brothers, if that's what you meant. They were the Right and Left hands of Vendrick.

edit: actually, now that I think about it some more, his little sword only had Dark infused with it because a literal part of Nadalia resided in that weapon, as it says (possibly) in the description of the weapon or his soul. He remained pure, even if he did love the Dark.

edit 2: wait, no. I just beat him again and his soul is totally dark.

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Goddammit. Alex spoiled it on the front page of the site, via his twitter feed. Not really his fault, but... dammit.

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Well in ten years I'm sure the site will be doing well enough that they can employ a full team of wiki fact checkers. Until then, we have brave men like you to help us.

(But, actually, it is appreciated)

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Loved this DLC.

Started out disliking it because I wasn't a fan of the Iron Keep, but as I explored it I was really impressed with how it was designed. The entire "Foyer" area with the Old Knight elevators is seriously impressive.

Excellent boss fights. Although I was bummed with how easy Alonne became after just learning a couple of his moves.

Weapons and armor in this DLC are great. Artorias's Abyss Sword and Sir Alonne's katana are real fun to use. The Smelter Hammer's special attack is fan-fucking-tastic. I wish the main game had more weapons like that.

Liked it way, waaayyy more than Sunken King. Sunken King was pretty meh, but that final boss fight made up for it.