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Yeah it's easy to forget that the hordes of people harassing others on Twitter are not people from every corner of the web; they're the table full of assholes in the cafeteria that act like jackasses that the rest of the grade hates; they just so happen to not be so confined on the internet so they appear to be some sort of "average" or to be spread out, when in reality they're just those same shitty kids from that lunch table. Would you say "my class hates me!" if only that one table harassed you? Probably not. It's not Frank's fault for not viewing it like this, but I wish she had.

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@71ranchero: Or he could just get this combo and be set.

Fuck it, I'm doing this. MB made me hate my power supply so this seems like a deal. Thanks for the help, everybody.

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@hmoney001: Thanks for that. I remember ending up on a similar Tom's Hardware list when I was doing this hunt a while back, but I ended up getting it built for me. I'll keep it bookmarked.

So I have one last question:

Why do these look different?

Obviously one is directly from the manufacturer, but they're also the same exact price while one seemingly only has 1-less fan. Is that the only difference worth noting (other than the implicit size decrease)? I'm looking at the details, and -- while I have no idea what these things mean -- they seem the same.

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@mb: That is a good and sensible point. I'd have thought of it myself if I wasn't so bedazzled by all these serial numbers and specifications. Case closed. Thanks for the help!

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@mb: @corruptedevil: @71ranchero: Awesome, thanks guys. I'll probably get the power supply MB linked. Assuming I do, would it be dumb to still get the GTX 750 Ti (I want to be able to upgrade it if I so choose)? I like the price of the 750 Ti and I'm not really planning on playing anything too demanding in the immediate future (seriously, I pretty much only play Dark Souls 1 & 2).

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@mb: If I wanted to take a decent step up and get an adequate power supply, what would you recommend? The GTX 750 Ti looks plenty powerful for what I wanna do, but I don't like that you said "may be able to run."

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@mb: Like I said above it was custom built by a computer shop; it's not a prefab like a Dell.

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@the_nubster: Well okay, then. I'll take your word for it.

I think I found my Motherboard: It's this: ASRock H87M. If there's a more specific number on this thing I'm not seeing it.

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We need to know the Power Supply, it probably should be around 600 watt with 30 amps and a 12v Rail. You find this out by opening the case and reading the side of the Power Supply; which is the thing that the cord going from your wall to the computer is plugged into (just in case you aren't sure).

This helps! I need directions like this. I know nothing. An embarrassing amount of nothing, really.

It's not a prefab computer. Went to a computer shop; told them what I wanted; they made me a cheap computer that did what I wanted. They said it was "totally upgradable" so at this point it sounds like they lied right to my face (they knew I wanted it for game-related things).

Power Supply ID (I think): sl - 8320BTX

BRB trying to find motherboard ID...

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@corruptedevil said:

@bigboss1911: Yeah it is integrated, his motherboard might not even have a slot for a graphics card.

Those assholes gave me an integrated card? I don't know much, but I know that isn't something you want.


Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz

Speed3.1 GHz
Number of Cores4

Video Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

ChipsetIntel(R) HD Graphics 4600
Dedicated Memory256 MB
Total Memory1.7 GB
Pixel Shader Version5.0
Vertex Shader Version5.0
Hardware T & LYes

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit

Service Pack1
Size64 Bit
EditionHome Premium

Anything else you need?