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Is macho bullshit something that police are trained in, or is just a preferred part of the hiring process?

It's the reason they get the job. In an ideal country we would demand the same level of experience for law enforcement as we do with doctors (we'd pay 'em more, of course), so these kinds of idiots would never step foot in the department, except when they were brought in on domestic disturbance charges.

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Also, this is perfect:

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Damn, that sucks.

I hope he's able to bounce back.

Hopefully he had renter's insurance.

I've been robbed and have friends who've been robbed. If San Fran's renter's insurance is anything like LA renter's insurance. You won't really get much at all back in money >,<

Yeah. I've been robbed twice and in neither case was renter's insurance very helpful - in a lot of robbery cases you won't even end up hitting the deductible.

Yep. Well, my deductible was like 1,100 and I only lost about 600 worth of stuff, but it was still pretty awful to come home to. Pro tip: if you walk in while they're robbing the place they aren't able to take as much stuff.

Getting a couple dropcams and slapping some ADT stickers on my windows and doors was well worth the peace of mind, if nothing else. Burglars just want easy targets.

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I mean, they kinda have to, right? How do you go upwards from SRIV? They were already working overtime to make it more ridiculous than 3. Unless they're gonna go full Asura's Wrath with the series... which I wouldn't mind.

I actually want a small city in the next game. A city where you actually know where you're going without the map and objective markers and can recognize buildings. I prefer detailed over massive. I didn't play SR1, so maybe that's what I'm talking about.

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I'm not the person to ask, but I'd guess a good way to give yourself some cred is to have an English degree of some sort, accompanied by a portfolio of essays, accompanied by a longstanding blog where you write/report as you would if you were writing for some site like Forbes. Then you contact the appropriate people, talk nice to them, and give a link to your blog and your resume.

edit: or, you know, nepotism.

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Reading that in Lang's voice made it so much better.

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Damn, I missed most of today's stream and I'm not looking forward to seeing 50% of it muted.

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That was a great podcast.

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You're reporting rumours as news now?

He addressed that in the article: This seems pretty damn real, or the most elaborate hoax in the history of leaked video games.

Yeah, at some point you need to decide if you're gonna adhere so strictly to only reporting traditional "news" that you become irrelevant when put up against millions of Youtubers who have no such "ethics."