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@jakob187: It's sourced as a ANet employee who belonged to a fan site community and posted it there before she left that night. SAUCE

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Have fun in tonight! I, unfortunately, will be trottin' around the GW2 universe on another server up with the Penny Arcade folks on Fort Aspenwood - but maybe I'll guest in every now and then (if/when that gets implemented) to join the shenanigans with some GB-Comm.

"I'm going to try to get some sleep, because I'm exhausted, and tomorrow is going to be a very long day. There is such a range of emotion I'm experiencing right now, but mostly I just want to say that I hope you guys love it. Love it forever, or love it and then move on to something else, but just love it, and know that three hundred of us melted down our hearts to give it to you. It's all yours soon."

Rawr. It's been a hell of a wait... I'm ready to explore the hell out of this game.

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Difficulty wise, on a scale of 1 - 10, I'd say... Normal (1), Nightmare (2), Hell (4) and Inferno (10). Act I of Inferno, Trash still felt like Trash but some Elite affixes were really running my Monk down. Invulnerable, Fast, Molten, Plagued, Vortex.. all this in some terrible combo really made me just skip some champs. Act II... now the Trash is just being brutal, too. I'm busy farming Act I Inferno happily. If anyone on GB feels like slayin' Champs/Elites in Act I and grabbing up some Yellows/Legendaries (seem to get MUCH better stuff in public groups than solo), let me know -- DeviantT#1473

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I forever hate the number 37 and 3006.

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Battletag: DeviantT#1473

Difficulty: Nightmare + [SC and HC]

Class: Monk/Wizard

Region: Americas

Will be solo'ng Normal and then wouldn't mind some bombers or whoever to run through the other difficulties with once I clear Normal. Will happily group SC or HC, especially if I can find a competent, consistent bunch.

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Moved to the US (Michigan), lived in Grand Cayman, Denver, Chicago, NYC, Orlando. Heading back to NYC for a quick 6 weeks and then back to Michigan until July.. then likely move to another state for a solid 5 years.

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@Z3RO180 said:

@Pazy: @ShadowConqueror: thanks now i need to finad out if my laptop can run it :P

YouGamers' Game-O-Meter found here or SRL found here can help you sort, with a very rough estimation, if you will be deficient.

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@blueduck said:

I would also ask how you "guarantee" anything since nothing has been leaked about its story?

In fact, a few huge spoilers have been leaked about Diablo 3 already, moreso confirmed within the last day or two here. Things have been known about its story for a few months, if not hinted at greatly.

@Hunkulese said:

IGN has a halfway decent Diablo in 5 minutes that covers most of the important stuff and it should answer your questions.

Here is the video he is referring to.

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In concern with lore; not many Diablo players care or know much of the lore. For a vast majority, the lore is a very distant and forgettable part of the game - but if you do want to really delve into it, here is an over-hour long lecture on YouTube that goes into it.

Diablo Lore

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... this on the heels of NC voting to approve of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages. For all the praise or "he should have done it by now" that is getting posted in here, which I'm glad to see, people need to just get out and bloody vote when this opportunity comes up. Some backwards disappointing things still happening in this country.