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The rare candy glitch in the original Pokemon games wasn't bad.

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It's a cliche, but Aeris in FF7 man.
Twenty-plus hours of dedication and suddenly it's 'Goodbye, healer'.
Also the proper ending of Lylat Wars (or Starfox 64).

'Don't ever give up, my son'

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@SpartanAmbrose said:

Amazon Prime is a glorious service. Free release date delivery, no tax, and there are $10-$20 credits for most popular games.

I had a free year of this when I was a student and it was great. Would you say it's worth the £100 a year it costs though? I've been thinking about re-investing in it since I buy so much of my stuff from them already.
Other than that I buy a lot of second-hand games at CEX or occasionally will go to Game or HMV, but very rarely as those places are normally at least £5 more expensive than online.
EDIT: Wow. Three year old thread. Super bump.
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To be honest most games I've bought this year have sucked by comparison to last year, but if I had to pick I'd probably say Mortal Kombat.
Ask me on Friday and it'll be either Space Marine or Dead Island though.

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@Meowshi said:
I don't understand how people can stand the Expendables.   There's more scenes of them sitting around talking about shit, than shooting shit.  It was awful and not at all what was advertised.
The heart ruled the mind for many with that film (myself included). I just so wanted it to be good.
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With the benefit of hindsight I was far too immature to get the most out of university. I didn't have the work ethic, the drive or the passion to fully commit myself to it and in the end - although I finished with a good grade - my main feeling is one of regret for a missed opportunity.
Certainly I think it's a steep learning curve if like me you haven't done much growing up until the point of joining and adjusting to it could be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do, but when getting a job afterwards is that much easier because you achieved what your potential deserved it'll definitely seem like it was worth it.
Should point out I'm not saying this is necessarily what made first year rough, just that if it is then powering through is worth it.

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The Rocky films are great, with the exception of Rocky V. Yeah they were dumb by the end but they were dumb in a really good way. 

First Blood is also a brilliant film and the latest Rambo is fucking AMAZING (like genuinely one of my favourite films ever) although less credible as a piece of cinema.
I think it's kind of nonsensical to discount his career since he's consistently been making movies for about 30 years now. His only problem (read: funniest idiosyncrasy) is how seriously he takes himself and his films.

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Only 3.
But I mean 'Only 3' in the same way that Rambo is 'Just One Man'.

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Wow, fantastic idea. Definitely joining up.

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Half a bottle of strawberry milk.
So that's me fucked then.