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Honestly with @vinny having such a busy family life on top of GBE playdates I'd be perfectly fine if they went and grabbed some games that he'd like to finish that he simply can't get around to and played through them. Metal Gear Scanlon is the only real "playthrough" a game content we have right now, and we used to get a bit more. From Breaking Brad stuff, to Dark Souls and Demon Souls, even the old endurance run stuff. I can't forget Bioforge either.

I trust that Alex and Vinny could come up with a few good games/series to go through and beat. The great thing about Vinny is he is just great to watch play really any game with, his natural way of playing through things makes it quite entertaining.

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I was randomly going to watch an age restricted video and messed up clicking around and it altered the age on my profile settings to be as of the current date. (27/11/14) I have since gone and reset it to the proper date, but I can't access the age restricted videos any longer. I don't even get the "nope" if the video player thinks you are under age. It just doesn't load up for me. I have checked other videos and they still work, so I'm assuming this is a bug.

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I also still can't believe that the debate going on at times is about whether or not Zoe Quinn was being "slut shamed" or not, and where the industry needs to go in terms of transparency and journalistic integrity.

Peoples breach of privacy were compromised. People were issued death threats and harassed to a over the top amount. At the end of the day a REAL WORLD response to this would be to put all petty about terminology aside, and table the ethics conversation so that any movement, any semblance of anything associated with the harassment is stopped, and we do our best to ensure that the victims know that it DOES in fact come from a minority group and that the gaming community is not pro those things.

Instead people argue for the actual merits of GamerGate and push on hoping to solve an issue that is so large it'll take more than a few twitter posts and forum discussions to get there. The only reason I would personally lump those on the case of Gamer Gate with those who are harassing is because of the lack of human decency to continue fueling a debate when there are developers and journalists in an industry you love being maliciously attacked and your more concerned with debating ethics.

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@whatisdelicious said:

@patrickklepek: To me, it mostly just felt like a guy venting and trying to make sense of everything that happened. He was definitely angry, but he avoided slurs and tried to back up all his claims as best he could. I didn't really get a slut shaming vibe from it at all. I'm not saying I agree with his decision to make it so public or the way the public responded to it, but I'm curious why you feel it was slut shaming. There's a good argument to be made about him posting it in multiple places to ensure people would see it, but the content of the post itself really did just feel like an ex ranting.

As for "the journalistic impropriety questions," I haven't followed any of that to the point that I'm not even sure what questions came up. Eron deals only with his relationship in those posts.

Again, I'm not trying to say that anything that came of this was warranted, just trying to make sense of the post itself. If it's true (again, big if) then that colors my opinion of Zoe (who I had nothing but respect for before). It's the kind of thing that had no real reason to ever grace my screen, but it did, and I can't pretend I didn't read it.

I don't doubt part of the reason the Eron post garnered sympathy was from people who have been wronged in a relationship in the past. That's natural. It's empathy. But that assumes that post was true, or that post made any sense in a public venue, or that we should take his accusations seriously given how many of them have been proven full of holes and falsehoods and hyperbole. He posted it to 4chan. Why?

There is also the fact that Eron knew what he was doing. Even if he wanted the freedom to vent on the internet, once you are a bigger public figure on the internet, have a series of followers and are currently embroiled with trolls and other issues like Quinn was posting something like this is so much bigger than when average joe vents on Facebook about an ex.

It's why this type of stuff to me smells funny. The guy did have issues and is allowed to vent but there is no way he didn't know the bigger damage he was doing.

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@richard_buttz said:

Unfortunately, you can't dismiss rape and terrorist threats as simple trolls.

Bingo! Hit the nail on the head.

I think people are at times misunderstanding what is being said here. Nobody is trying to silence the discussion on ethics in games by shutting this down. If you are having a serious discussion about ethics at home for example, and your house gets shot up? What do you do? Get mad at the opposing party for trying to run for the lives because they are hiding from the discussion?

The point being is made is that you need to table the discussion. You look rude, insensitive, and silly for pushing through the fact that minority or not people are being harassed and forced from their homes just to keep jabbing at them about ethics. As much as ethics is important in games, the safety of game developers and journalists comes first!

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For those of you fighting for GG from a "ethics in the games industry" perspective, perhaps it's time to find a different calling. In fact why not go through official means, get petitions signed, email specific gaming websites that you feel are in question and look for actual answers.

But your cause, the name of your cause, is clouded and messy right now. Not because what your doing is somehow so amazing that people are trying to silence it. Because bad people have taken that cause and done bad stuff with it. People on the opposite side have also done bad things in response. But the telling fact for me, literally I"m sitting in a living room and a group of 3 roommates walked in asking me what I was doing. I said reading GB's stance on the gamer gate thing, and you know what they said? "Isn't that the anti woman thing?" Your cause has been tainted. There are ways in this world to get things actually done without needing some large scale movement or even some name everybody can hashtag.

Also to the GB guys, fantastic write up. To me it doesn't even matter who shot first, the moment that people are getting harassed on either side to me is when anyone who is actually legitimate about their concerns should find another way to go about it.

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Pro Wrestling

The Mighty Ducks Movies

Rewatching the Power Rangers

Kingdom Hearts

Dear god even just writing this list makes me feel like an awful person. There may be a few more to, but those are the few that I have the hardest of times arguing a defense other than just...nostalgia.

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I may get this. It really comes down to how well it plays and how much there is to do. Knowing it isn't an open world, the tracks need to be memorable and interesting, and it looks like they have enough variety. It certainly is pretty, but I really hope this isn't just another GT in terms of how it approaches content. Kind of sick of that whole system.

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I think a lot of you are confusing my criticisms with some sense of me being upset over review scores. I don't need validation to enjoy what I'm enjoying. I enjoy it and that is fine. What bugs me about the criticism is that at times it isn't fair at all. It's blanket statements of things that objective, and then your subjective thoughts applied towards them. When a reviewer or someone who has played the game says "the game has very little content." That is inaccurate. The game has HOURS of content. A more apt statement would be "the games content is not for me."

I'm perfectly fine that people either don't like it, or don't like parts of it. I don't think it's a perfect game either, and I think there are going to make a bunch of changes and so things as the game goes on to fix some of the flaws. However what I like most about the game is just that it had the balls to be this risky. To hype up a AAA game from the makers of Halo so much and absolutely ditch conventional RPG systems, conventional loot systems, and conventional story telling. Not of all that was for the better, but it certainly was fresh and it had me exploring/talking as opposed to just going in and knowing what was going on.

But if that stuff isn't for some people? Fine. But the people coming out and saying "there is no differences in the classes, they all play very similar" is the stuff that bugs me. Jeff said that several times on camera as well. When in reality it's his approach to playing the game that showcases a lack of diversity. Which again, is fine. If that is the way he wants to play the game, great. But the classes do play differently and the depth and complexity is there if you explore it. The issue is, not everyone play style is such that they care about it. So it has no effect on them.

Which is what ultimately leads me to think some people aren't giving this a fair chance. Even if they don't like the game, nobody puts these type of blanket statements on other games. Even Jeff, despite his dislike for most MMO's and Dota, he still acknowledges that those games as you hit later levels in an MMO can get crazy with their quest design, can get super complicated and intense. He doesn't like Dota but recognizes that the games has serious depth in it's mechanics and what you can learn. Even if it's not for him, academically he goes out of his way to understand why people enjoy the content, and what it factually is bringing to the table. I feel like people have been misrepresenting Destiny in some cases. Is a lot of the grinding/game going through the same areas? Yes. But weapon variety/weapons that have meaningful properties exist. Saying they don't, is simply false. Does it take too long for some players to get to the point where they would get some of those things? Yes. I'm not saying the game is perfect or has no flaws, or "screw you all because you don't like it." It's much easier to have a conversation about a game when we all are on the same page about what is actually IN the game.

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I currently have a level 28 character in Destiny and I am loving the game. But my issue isn't with people liking or disliking the game, just on the grounds for why they may like or dislike it. The arguments such as, "the game doesn't have enough content" "the story is weak" "there isn't enough loot" "the game doesn't explain it's core systems well enough" and etc.

What bugs me about these arguments most, is that apparently a game is considered universally "bad" in Destiny's case because of it's price, and budget for doing things differently. I'm fine if you have explored what Destiny has to offer (late game content, crazy raiding and meaningful loot attached to mechanics, how deep you can explore especially as you get in the later levels) and after the fact what Destiny has isn't for you. Fine. But the arguments we are seeing are no that, even from some of the reviewers. The worst part about all of this is that Destiny hasn't even been given a fair chance by so many because of some false weird expectations.

How many people in this world have played Minecraft, Terraria, or exclusively the MP side of games like CoD/Battlefield and endless others? So you bought a game and experienced zero, or very little story before. But Destiny has very little story? Somehow it's a bad thing for it to do it, but countless others can and it's somehow a fault. The game doesn't explain it's systems? Weird, the Souls games never did that very well but everyone still raves about them. Hell some people even LIKE the fact that those games don't hold your hand. But when Destiny doesn't hold your hand it's a problem. The loot system is different than Diablo and Borderlands? Again, what makes that flat out a problem? It's different. But people are expecting loot drops all the time, aren't getting it, and 5 hours in are going "meh" with the system. Get to the later loot, grind your way to a legendary or maybe even an exotic. See what some of those attributes on that loot are and you'll see what people are arguing when they say loot is meaningful. The quests are boring is a great argument. They are. Doesn't seem to bother countless millions who play MMO games and have for years. Again though, because Destiny did it, it's a fault. Even the exploration style of Destiny is kind of akin to an open world game like Skyrim. There is very little to do in the worlds, but you can just explore and find things like player events, and other hidden things around the environment. Not even counting the new areas that unlock once you hit level 30.

Ultimately to me it feels ironic and hypocritical of a big chunk of people who argue against the experience they are having in Destiny. They want something new, but refuse to engage in what makes Destiny different. They don't want games to be holding their hands, but when you are required to explore, learn, and understand systems that are unfamiliar to you, it's a chore and people can't be bothered. The game has things we are all familiar with but presents and does them in different ways. Those ways may not be for you, but at least give the game a fair chance and actually try them.