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I could easily see how people would compare the two. I've played a stupid amount of handheld Monster Hunter, explains why I liked Demon's Souls so much.

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Persona 4, dawg. Also, it's yellow.

I'm currently waiting for a good enough reason to change it to the Persona Music Live Band album art, 'cause that'd be perfect.

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Wait, what!? PS2 games?

I wonder how Odin Sphere will look on "not a shitty TV".

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@mutha3 said:

make those cross dressing outfits usable in battle

I was guessing that'd be all but confirmed, with the new costumes and all.

Hell, I wouldn't care if they were the worst armor in the game!

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I'd like more original tracks. More new music's always better!

..Oh, but remixes wouldn't be too bad either.

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So, I was uploading my Demon's Souls save to online storage so I could show my friend what NG+ is like at his place, and it comes up with this:

There are limits to how frequently you can download this saved data from online storage.

You can download only after 24 hours have passed since you last uploaded to or downloaded from online storage.

You can upload to online storage at any time.

..Now what is the point of that? I thought one of the main reasons to have online storage/cloud saves was so you could save where you were, then go somewhere else and instantly pick up from where you left off. That's kind of really annoying.

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It seems to happen sometimes. Some days will be great, others will be absolutely terrible. It's kinda like my experience with Steam.

Also, maybe download speed is content-specific? I remember it taking ages to download something one day, and then I bought something else and that went super-fast. Oh Internet, you confuse me so.

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The more I think about it, the more a 3-tier review system makes sense.

But that would never be taken seriously in a world with Metacritic.

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I'd love another game in the TWEWY universe. Or whatever, just give me more of that kinda soundtrack!

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Back when Blockbuster was relevant around here, I was able to rent a game every week. Older games cost about $2 for a week, and that was great. I would have played maybe a tenth of the PS1 games I've played if not for renting.

..And then the PS2 came along and messed all of that up. $7 for an overnight rental? No thank you sir.