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My favourite game was Chrono Trigger for well over a decade, but I had to give it to Persona 4 when I played it in 2009. That was the last time a new game reigned as my favourite game.

Can't remember what was my favourite before Chrono Trigger though (was too young). Maybe Super Mario RPG, Super Mario 64, or Rock N' Roll Racing?

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Woah, what happened to that Broken Age image? Pixelated and stretched to hell and back!

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Great blog, duder! UFGTX was a blast and it was great to meet up with you and a few other people out on that side of the globe. I hope I can head out to that area when that new Chicago tournament rolls in.

I'll bring more Hawkins Cheezies if you bring the Vanilla Coke.

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This is a list that totally encapsulates my feelings on Dan.

The list starts and I'm right there with him, but then he says something weird about halfway through. It kind of sends me reeling for a bit, but then he starts making sense for a bit for a bit so I just kind of ignore it. Then he ends up at a conclusion that is incredibly out in left field that I'm just like "what the fuck are you even saying?"

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Currently working on a big list of all the games I'm looking forward to like I do every year, but here's a spoiler.

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Ralph Baer will unfortunately pass, as we lose the father of video games.

Holy shitballs....

Woah, good catch, Jesus, I mean I suppose that it is easy to predict the death of someone who is up there in age, but that was really close to when it actually happened, crazy.

Not exactly something I'm proud that I predicted.... It was meant to be a sobering reminder that, hey, we're getting to the point where we are going to start losing the people who built this industry. Treasure them while they're still here. Obviously I was hoping that specific prediction wouldn't be true.

We are all sad for the loss of one of most important figures in the medium.

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@snail: I am chill. I'm not angry or sad or frustrated or anything.

Just bewildered.

His actions make no sense.