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As a developer, this basically sums up my thoughts on the article:

Preach it, Austin

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I was planning on waiting for the 1TB of each console anyway.

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Oh so THIS was the new game Jeff saw at secret E3 that wasn't announced yet.

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Great article, Austin. Loving your style of "not just reporting features, but what the meaning is behind the information given to us" already. Keep up the good work! :D

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D-did Austin just take the anime news editor role away from Brad?

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@devoureroftime: Typically the rule for being listed on the wiki is having a game credit of some kind, which most of the duders just happen to have. Maybe it'll happen anyway though. I'd certainly like him to have a page!

Austin Walker worked on both A(s)century and Sub(Space)Contractor. Is that enough? :P

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Very excited by this announcement. Austin Walker is an extremely talented writer and am so happy to see his skills come to Giant Bomb. Admittedly haven't heard/seen much of his podcasting/video skills, but, if the Giant Beastcast episode 1 (2?) is any indication, Austin is just as good in front of the microphone as he is with the pen (err... keyboard).

Also would like to thank Giant Bomb as an organization for hiring a Person of Colour to their editorial staff. I know the discussion and complaints around previous hires, all the way back to Patrick, has been mostly concerning the lack of females at Giant Bomb. It's a big problem in games that has gotten a lot of attention and still a problem at Giant Bomb, but so has been the lack of PoC voices in the industry, Giant Bomb included. It's rarely brought up as compared to the lack of female voices on the site (I'm as guilty of that as anyone else), but it's just as important. Glad to see the site taking positive steps.

Quick question: why does Austin not have a wiki page and is that being changed as we speak? I feel that giving such a wiki page as much love as the rest of the staff would be an excellent way of welcoming him