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Well, I beat Brothers, so I guess I'm a masochist, yeah.

But seriously, bad games and games you dislike are really good learning opportunities. By playing games you don't like, you can examine what that says about your tastes and biases. By examining games that you believe are poorly made (or at least flawed), you can learn a lot of lessons about game design that will help you both expand your tastes and narrow down what you like and dislike about elements of games.

And if you are a game developer, it's a great way of learning about the pros and cons of all sorts of elements in a game. Every game can be dissected down into smaller elements and examined and I'd argue that you learn just as much playing the bad games as the good games.

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@big_denim: Yes, that is a screenshot of Oreshika. Yes, there was an English translation, though all the voice acting is Japanese only (you can turn it off if you want) and it was only ever released here digitally (though, it is only $20 for essentially a retail length game). Apparently a demo was just released on PSN a while ago, so check it out!

Here is the launch trailer:

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Majora's Mask 3D is the ACTUAL best game to come out this year, and will likely be the case up until year end, but it's a quasi-remake of a classic, so I'll leave it off the list. And Grim Fandango too for the same reason.

Oreshika: Cursed Bloodlines is pretty much the closest thing to a Game of the Year contender that I've played so far this year. Fantastic dungeon crawling JRPG with a great premise and can alter it's pacing based on how long you want the experience to be (I'm playing on the 70 hour setting, but you can beat it in 30 hours if you want).

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Apotheon are both contenders for the end of the year list.

Still want to play Bloodborne (no PS4), Type-0 (no Xbone either), Axiom Verge (waiting on Vita version), Grow Home (Need to do work on my PC, not play games!), Ori and the Blind Forest (same as Grow Home), and Helldivers (don't have the people to play with right now). Also waiting for games like Massive Chalice, Darkest Dungeon, and Life is Strange to be completed until I can dive into them.

But yeah, I have a feeling that, even after playing those games, Oreshika will still be up near the top when 2016 rolls around.

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Yessss. Congrats to @zombiepie! Your continued hard work in showcasing the best of this community is much appreciated!

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Quick Look: Abridged.

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@jbg4 said:

I noticed a lot of Nintendo games on that list and that is A-OK with me... it seems we share a number of games that we're looking forward to. Bloodborne, Mario Maker, and Kirby are three that I'm really excited for that you listed here

I can guarantee you that there will be more Nintendo games in the rest of the list! :D Glad you're enjoying it so far.

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@karkarov said:

You have Danganropa ahead of Bloodbourne. I am afraid not many will take this list all that seriously.

Bloodborne at 26 is nuts. I'll accept 2.

Thanks for reading!

This list is about the games I'm personally looking forward to at this given time. As I explained in the blog post, I haven't yet made my way through Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, or Dark Souls 2 yet. I'm inundated with Souls games to play. Having another one on the pile isn't exactly the most exciting thing coming out this year.

Danganronpa, on the other hand, I played through completely. There's nothing left of that world to explore that has been translated into English. So, naturally, I'm really excited to have another game in that series in my hands after enjoying the first two games so much.

Do I think Another Episode will be a better game than Bloodborne? No. Actually, I can pretty much guarantee that it will be worse, just by how those games are shaping up (Another Episode looks like a pretty mediocre third person shooter). But am I more excited to play Another Episode? Yes, absolutely. I feel like I need to know more about that world.

If you're more excited for Bloodborne than most, or even all, of this list, then that's completely understandable. I'm just in a position where I don't have as much to be excited about as you.

@corevi said:

Good list.

Wanting something to be cut from a game because it offends your sensibilities is a bad idea because that's how we get to things like Hotline Miami 2 being banned. It's a slippery slope and unless it's actively promoting hate speech then the developers have the right to make whatever game they want. If you don't like it then don't engage with it. I'm sure the minigame in Another Episode is completely optional.

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

I disagree about the second point though. When it comes to giving the player a way of actively feeling up underage girls, I don't really think there is much you can defend against it. That shit's gross and should not be a feature in your video game. I'll take that stand, slippery slope be damned.

Also, it's just poor design and marketing. It's actively alienating part of your audience, does not serve the existing fanbase, and is an intrusive minigame that does not support the core design philosophy of your game.

You could make an argument that Danganronpa as a series already has its own share of pervy scenes in it, but every single one of them is either optional or used in a subverting "have your cake and eat it too" kind of way (which in no way excuses it, but makes it easier for people to give it a pass).

@slag said:

I never heard of a Hat in Time. That looks interesting.

An exciting thing I forgot to mention about the game is that it's got Grant Kirkhope, composer of games like Banjo-Kazooie and Viva Pinata, doing some of the music. Thanks for reading!

I really hope Firewatch ends up good, if done well, it could be GOTY material.

Campo Santo seems like this superindie studio, with a ton of talent shoved into a very small team. I'm sure that, whatever it ends up being, it will be good. Whether it's what you or I are looking for? We'll have to wait and see. Thanks for reading!

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Saints Row: The Third.

Largely because it is the only open world game that comes to mind that didn't bore me to tears. But also the characters were fun, the story missions were always interesting, and the choices were kind of interesting.