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Metal Gear Solid is so fucking anime.

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Well, I'm really satisfied with all the new characters added. I even kind of like Dark Pit, at least in comparison to characters like Falco or Dr. Mario (I think they're all spots that could have been better used for other characters if they had the resources to do so).

That being said, after seeing how much content is being added to Mario Kart 8 post release, I'm pretty convinced that there will be DLC for the game. Probably characters, stages, and/or costumes.

Maybe there is hope for Ridley yet.

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@zeo12 said:

Well rob its tha last character someone already got the all characters message, thanks sakurai for putting clone characters like dr mario or dark pit instead of ridley or dk characters, now lets see how badly the game underperforms.

I don't even know where to start with that one.

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A leak shortly after the first text leak of BJ and Duck Hunt named BJ, Duck Hunt, Dixie, Ridley, Mewtwo and Chorus. Really hoping that leak was right. Or atleast that Dixie is in.

They were right about literally everything else, so we shall see.

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@cooljammer00 said:

Remember when Reggie and Nintendo said they don't see a point in Twitch?

This likely isn't helping

I believe the quote was referring to see not seeing a point in Twitch directly streaming from the Wii U considering there would be no way to pipe in voice or a player cam. It would literally just be the game footage and that's it.

So, yeah, I agree with Reggie and Nintendo on that one. It would be kinda useless.

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@mrthee said:


I kinda wanna see Ridley playable just so I can see the internet meltdown that will follow shortly thereafter.

People already melting down.

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Missing a certain someone...

Or, rather, certain someones...?

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Alex and Patrick are way too kind on the harassing scumbags ruining the industry in the past few weeks/months.

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@el_funko said:

Jeff Gerstmann - Giant Bomb

Is this a typo? Or is Jeff playing this year instead of his client, Dr. Tracksuit.

Don't be fooled: Jeff Gerstmann is in charge of that operation. Dr. Tracksuit is just his pawn.

Also, I'm pretty sure it's Felix Kramer, not Maya Kramer.

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Just in case people don't get the reference: