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The Path is not "as unconventional a game as they come".

I'll leave it at that before I get on a Tale of Tales rant. Basically, I'm all for experimentation in games, but they strike me as incompetent and misguided rather than experimental.

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didn't jeff use the exact words "i really like it" to describe his feelings about Fez in this quick look?

tons of silly speculation in this thread.

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this is interesting! i didn't assume that dave did these animations.

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This review has been getting more attention since Alex's went up.

I'm going to pubicly own up to the fact that this isn't a well-written review. I don't even mention how goalies are now live or the inclusion of the Winter Classic. While I'd still give it a 2/5 and my criticisms haven't changed, I didn't take any time to edit it, and it shows. The last two sentences are borderline unreadable.

However, I don't feel right completely re-writing it to be something that's more in line with what I've done in the past or do now semi-professionally for another website. I'm just going to leave this stream-of-consciousness as it is and admit that it's sloppy.

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this is going to sound really asshole-y of me, but did alex even play 10 or 11? the fighting is the same as in those games, except now goalies can get involved.

now my own (brief) review is leaking into the comments of his, but how does he not mention the absolutely overpowered hip check (which becomes apparent the second you play online) or spastic physics behavior? this game just looks awful in motion if you look closely. 11 looked like some sort of sane representation of reality. 12 is a freak show by comparison.

i don't think playing 10 or 11 is absolutely required to write a responsible review of 12, but alex refers to the franchise's recent past too many times to get a pass for being ignorant of the trajectory of these games in the past couple of years. hell, all he had to do was read the wiki articles on this site for 10 and 11 and this review would've been way better informed.

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@Video_Game_King said:
I think the word you're looking for on some of these games is "underappreciated." For example, I don't think I've ever heard anybody hating on Rez.
i suppose you're right :x
@Mikemcn said:

Just Cause 2 should be on there somewhere, best open world game i've ever played, it got decent reviews but really didn't get the nods it deserved for what it did do fantastically, insane, large scale action in a big beautiful world.

i agree. i think Just Cause 2 is a lot of fun and looks great. haha, your comment is kind of reminding me to finish playing it. 
@Zurgfrog said:
Going to say that I would agree with your choice on the NHL Eastside Manager in being under rated and high addictive, I never really though of my dad as someone to play video games until 4 in the morning until he got that.
:P that's awesome. i wish they'd revive the franchise for iOS or even Facebook.
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played the original and liked it a lot. don't feel at all like getting a 3DS or this game.

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sounded like a 2/5 from your comments on the bombcast.

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@iFeelWorse said:

Your review could've done with some serious editing, it was overly long and you throw in really unnecessary comments (ie. "I don’t want to sound like Ubisoft or Q Entertainment paid me[..]"). Also, why does your experience with dying in the last level lead into a paragraph about the controls? Are they bad? Have they changed too much? The connection may be there for you but it's hard to understand where you were going. And are you using referrals in your links to Amazon? If so, are they really necessary or are you just trying to make some money? (Or credits, I don't know how their referral-system works..) 
Aside from it being too long I think it was well written but there's a lot that you could've thrown out without compromising the point of your review. I appreciate reading about your thoughts on the creator and the earlier games since that gives me a good idea about your level of objectivity and relationship with the series, this makes it easier for me to relate to wether I will think as highly of the game as you do.  As a side note I hope you can make your dream of becoming a developer come true, we need more passionate people in every field.

Thanks for your feedback. For the record: those links to Amazon aren't making me any money in any way. They're just for reference, and I figured it was as good a source as any for the PS2 special edition and "OST" of Rez. 
I appreciate your criticism of my segue from dying to controls. I originally had a cleaner transition in mind that was lost in favor of what naturally came out when I was writing. I don't feel comfortable editing the review so significantly nearly a week later, but I admit that could have been a stronger connection. 
My only defense would be that I go from writing about how the game looks to writing about how the game plays, which dying is part of. I originally imagined I'd mention how I died repeatedly in the last level and then mention the difference in difficulty from Rez to Child of Eden. That still happens, just in a much less efficient way. 
But--yeah--sincere thanks for your very specific criticisms!