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@clarke0: Thanks so much!
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@Three0neFive said:
I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, but does this game have Move support? It just seems like Move would be a much better fit than Kinect (or controller) for this type of thing...
It will have Move support.
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Hooray for another person not writing off Child of Eden as expensive, unremarkable, and/or pretentious! 

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People pointing to Audiosurf and Beat Hazard as progress in game design since Rez sound crazy to me. 
Rez and Child of Eden are interactive music experiences that are crafted with the care that an algorithm can't do. I think Audiosurf and Beat Hazard are really pretty boring experiences. I actually just wrote a blog about my disdain for music-as-input games like them. Music-as-output is so much more compelling to me.
I don't totally agree with Ryan's review, but--hey--I gave it 5 stars the day it came out so I'm biased. Though, I guess I understand giving it three stars given the audience. A five-star score by a Giant Bomb editor usually implies that they're recommending the game for everybody. Child of Eden probably isn't for everybody, and I don't mean that certain people are too stupid to get it (so don't jump down my throat). Certain people just aren't looking for an experience like this in a product designed for their Xbox 360. 
I just think it's so special and so well-crafted that it can't be any less than five stars.
The price is irrelevant, in my opinion. If you don't find the inherent replay value in this game, it might not be worth any of your dollars at all. Replay value doesn't have to be explicitly designed into the game. Sometime a game is just worth playing more than once. This has kind of been argued to death in the forums, but comparing Child of Eden to other games is much less appropriate than comparing it to music. You wouldn't complain about an album being only 35 minutes long if it was a truly extraordinary 35 minutes of music.
I've paid $100 total for Rez in various forms and I don't regret how much money I've spent on that similarly short game. Both games are special multimedia experiences and, as someone in the games-can-be-art camp, I think they're worth every penny asked for them. 
Edit: Gotta admit Ryan really used the English language well in this review, though.

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i'm glad that even with the requisite Quick Look goofabouts, they never said anything but good things about the game. 
child of eden is really special. how special? read my review :>

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so good.

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i'm so excited for this game that i think i'm going to try not to watch this. i'll go ahead and be dazzled when it's in my 360.

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@RedRocketWestie: i think i'd prefer the force feedback of the controller, myself.
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@Morph89: the game is kinect-optional, if you didn't know. 
this trailer makes it seem like the game might be an xbox exclusive at this point, though. 
that said...I AM EXCITE.
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as i said on my blog, i really don't understand how poker without real prizes for $10 makes any sense.