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No one else is talking about it, but aren't the multi-player controls just utter crap on the PC? I feel like I'm crazy or something. You can't strafe with the controller, strafe isn't really strafe with mouse and keyboard (you turn to the side and run,) and there's no mouse look unless you want to hold down the right-click all the time. Maybe it's just because I picked the guy with the shield, but I can't stay pointing toward the bad guys to save my life.

Edit: Oh, and no voice chat options so be ready to listen to tons of people who don't know they're on a microphone.

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Thank you moderators for spending time going over the new rules.

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Pyrion has been doing a lot better today being informative, but I still miss Purge.

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Well, I just got the Humble E3 Bundle that has a week of Landmark Beta access with it. Anyone built anything cool?

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Crusader Kings 2 eh? Color me excited.

I've been one of the detractors of the Quick Look Solo, but it has nothing to do with you personally Patrick. Frankly, I don't enjoy watching or listening to anyone's solo content. The thrill for me is in the conversation in the group and the zaniness it brings. I've been super glad you've been able to team up with Alex to get both of you more camera time, and I'm excited to see how things out there keep growing.

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So, I've been eyeing the $20 Steam Early Access account. Anyone have any more up-to-date opinions on this game? Anything going on in the GB space I could join in on if I were to purchase?

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Kirkland, Washington, USA

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Paying for the service and then paying again to rent the game is a bad deal. It's why On-live failed and it doesn't make me hopeful for this service.

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Dave, you're one of my favorite folks at Giant Bomb. I was actually just wondering yesterday why we hadn't seen you on camera lately. I was hoping once the new design was over that we'd see more of you. I hope that still happens, even if it's just showing up for Unprofessional Fridays.

Good luck Duder! Come back often!

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