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Dewwar on PC

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I really liked what I saw in the Paragon video, but was a bit disappointed that we didn't get a ton of detail on the real money marketplace. Can someone who's in the game let me know how much it would cost to buy a mastery for a character in real cash? What other things are available to purchase besides masteries and skins? I assume card packs? How much do they cost?

Thanks for any info you can give.

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Family Name: Scrabulous

Character Name: Nomonel

I can never get the friends list to work right in this game, so hopefully you can find me?

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Hmm, when did they patch up Nuts and Bolts? Right when Rare Replay came out, I fired it up and was really disappointed with the frame rate and it also seemed like some of the physics and handling suffered as well. I'd love to go back to it if it's better now.

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A problem that happens occasionally in Battlefield games, but feels like it happens every time at Hoth, is air superiority. Once one team establishes air superiority, it feels near impossible to contest it. The imbalance in Hoth specifically is that the Rebels still have to play fairly well once they have air superiority, where the imperials have basically already won.

It would be really nice to be able to play the exact same Hoth game mode versus NPCs, both to practice and understand how all the vehicles and mechanics work, and also just as a cool repeatable co-op thing that would have a little more depth and more co-op players than the weird 15 wave thing they're doing.

Edit: Also, as others have mentioned, the spawns are non-nonsensical. I don't understand why I spawn where I do, and at least half the time I spawn immediately in someone's line of fire or so far from the fight I have no idea where to go. Being able to pick from a couple spots on a map like Battlefield would go a long way, or even just getting to look at a map with the major objectives and your spawn point on it so you at least know which direction to run.

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@nickhead said:

I was expecting the worst, so I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the Hoth battle. I don't really care that as Rebels you essentially always lose. I just liked being in that battle, it was chaotic and all the classic Star Wars sound effects were in full force. I died a lot but still had fun.

Still didn't convince me to buy it though. I'm just now sure how much the rest of the content will pan out.

Also, I tried playing with a party of friends. We couldn't get into a single game with a party of 2+. I know its the beta but I got flashbacks of Halo: MCC (we were playing the Xbone version).

On PC, joining with a party was sometimes finicky, but we managed to get 6 people in a match together fairly regularly.

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For me, it went from "definitely buy" to "not touch with a 10 foot pole." Every match I was in was a blow-out either direction. When we did good, I didn't feel like I did much to help (even when I was at the top of the score board) and when we lost it felt impossible to do anything. No close matches is the hallmark of a bad game in my opinion. Also, I don't understand how people effectively use any of the vehicles on Hoth. I got them a lot, and I felt like I was getting killed just about instantly before I could even learn how they work.

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Logged on today and had 40k in fuel stolen. Watching the replay he basically gunned down everyone on my entire three platform deep R&D area. I'm not frustrated by losing the stuff, I'm frustrated that I can't ever win these things, but other people don't seem to have any problems.

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Forza 4 felt like it had a lot better support for Hot Lap stuff, but maybe I just have good memories. I was in a group that was fairly competitive for a while. I noticed the improvement because at one point we went back to some of the older tracks and I bested my time in the same vehicle by a few seconds due to practice and better tuning.

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Whelp, it's just about bedtime here, so it's time for the results.

For C Class: Road America West Alt. Starburns beat me out by a couple of seconds

Starburns Lives: 1:44.851

Dewar: 1:46.793

For S Class: Prague Full - Reverse, I'm the only one who took a shot at it :(

I'll put up another couple of tracks just in case people want to join in over the next week, but it would be silly for just you and I to play each week Starburns

This Week's Challenge

B Class: COTA West

S Class: Alps Festival - Reverse