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Super awesome race, can't wait to hear the guys talk about it. I guess I'm a Ric fan for life now.

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I can't believe it! Alonso is such a beastly driver to hold on all that time. And who can hate good ol' Ricky Ardo.

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This finish is going to be incredible.

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I will never tire of Mercedes radio slapfights.

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That was a really impressive recovery. And a little lucky.

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A Ferrari in 1 and a Torro Rosso in 2. Well, that's certainly something I didn't expect to see today.

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No points for Force India, how sad.

Looking forward to all the crash notes on the podcast.

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Man, all chatter on the internet pointed to this race being super boring. Thank you based rain.

And KK with the goddamn matrix dodge there.

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Woah holy shit. Hope Ericsson is ok.

My god, this pit lane is chaos.

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Driving a little too angry there, Lewis?