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This sounds really bad on my personality but that's the first article i've read entirely and "properly" in ages.

Fantastic stuff, Patrick. It also helps it was to do with FEZ. An amazing game.

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It feels like EA wanted both pies, eat them and then have the satisfaction of turding them out again

"Don't worry guys, we'll get you in"


"Oh noes, our game is so popular right now!!"

More headlines, please!

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It's like Super Mario World: Depressed! The green hills were always smiling in the Mario universe but here, they are sad. :(

edit: Erm, I didn't see the one of the right hand side! he smiles! :)

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I am gonna aquire a power-up, return it to my village and dance to keep the evil DRM at bay. But seriously, Ubi Soft are numpties when it comes to PC gaming.

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It's always the latter part of the list which is really hard. I am wondering is Ratcher and Clank actually deserves a spot now! Ah well, sod it, it's done now.

Didn't expect any comments at all on this... so, thanks!

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Whilst browsing Twitter I saw some folk doing a Top 20. I don't think I have ever done one of these before, but here goes!

1) Goldeneye 007

2) Half Life 2

3) The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time

4) Banjo-Kazooie

5) Super Mario World

6) World of Warcraft

7) Super Mario 64

8) Perfect Dark

9) Starcraft 2

10) Half Life (Counter Strike mod included)

11) Halo: Combat Evolved

12) Super Meat Boy

13) Super Metroid

14) Super Mario Kart (Although Super Circuit is amazing, too)

15) Burnout 2: Point of Impact

16) Grand Theft Auto 3

17) Super Smash Bros Brawl

18) Ratchet and Clank

19) Tetris

20) DooM

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How to kill your franchise byTHQ. They totally ruined players' expectations with the latest game by not making it an open world sequel. Speaking to many normal gamers about it and the look on their face when you explain to them "it's not open world anymore" wasn't surprising to me at all.

It'd be like making Just Cause 3 a puzzle game and then wonder why it didn't sell like the other decent one did!

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I can almost see Eddie Riggs in the bottom screenshot! looks angstastic!

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According to the Xbox Community Manager for Europe (acey Bongos) It's been delayed a day.  
Sucks Boo-ya!

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It was exhausting watching it, ENDURANCE RUN!!!

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