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So absolutely nothing has changed? Good to know.

Right? I don't understand what has changed except that someone spoke about it again. Square Enix has already said it's a timed exclusivity deal correct? Nothing being said here is contradictory to that correct?

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Badass. I am loving Unity. I've been fortunate enough to have no game breaking issues and pretty great performance on the PC.

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@patrickklepek I would love to see a deeper dive into the increasing prevalence of these issues. I know you're tired of writing these articles but they need to be written and I'm sure it's not because any of these developers want to release a game in such a state.

Let's unearth some of the reasons why these issues are cropping up, shed some light on the difficulties of shipping a game. I would love to better understand why it is obviously so difficult to develop a game, it has to be more than just time constraints. I imagine there are a lot of moving parts to these things, even when it doesn't' seem like it.

I would love to see some more articles like that which help give these situations some real context, because I'm with you, it's getting depressing. But I feel like a large source of why all of this is so frustrating is because people on both sides don't understand each other. We have the fans/players who don't understand the development side and we have PR people who clearly don't know what to say or aren't allowed to say what they should. When something doesn't work I feel a lot better knowing why/knowing more about the situation other than "we're working on it."

Some things need to change in how things are handled in this industry and it extends beyond just shipping a game that is perfectly polished and bug-free. Understanding needs to come from both sides.

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@alsepht: The game is so far from totally broken. It's on par with previous AC games/complex open world games and far more stable than AC3 at release.

I'm on the PC with a 980 running at max settings (except AA which is at 2X MSAA) and having no trouble maintaining a steady 40/50 fps. Curious to know what Jeff's setting are at where his 980 and this game apparently run it "like garbage." Sounds like he could have AA set high or something, and it does go high, something like 8XMSAA in the menu which would surely destroy performance.

I haven't had any gameplay breaking bugs and it sounds like all of the infamous "no face" rendering screenshots came from pirated builds sans the day one patch. I'm not saying it's completely bug free, I'm sure some people are having issues, but I think the bigger thing is people are just tired of it. It seems not actually any more buggy than these incredibly complex games have been in the past.

I lucked out because I only just started to enjoy the franchise. Black Flag was the first AC game I actually enjoyed at all and ended up finishing and Unity is more of the gameplay refinement that finally made the games fun to me. Seems like most reviewers are just tired of the AC formula because I find that Unity has a much faster/more engaging start than AC1/2 and definitely 3. Arno isn't incredible but his story is already more interesting than Altair, Ezio and Connor. Not to mention that I don't have to deal with Desmond at all. Though the performance capture in Unity is incredible and makes even the more mundane scenes a sight to behold.

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@hippie_genocide: I'm a huge Battlefield fan but I don't get the Bad Company fervor, is it just for the generally more interesting single player stuff? The multiplayer has been phenomenal is basically all of them which is what I care about most. Glad to hear they're going to take their time with the next proper BF game. Looking forward to Final Stand for BF4.

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@yummylee: Heh, I think Amanda is awesome, specifically her voice actors performance. She sticks out for me as a huge reason I want to keep playing.

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@assinass: I know right!

Wow I just realized Alien Isolation got announced and released in the time between Routine being announced and it's eventual release. Obviously these are two very different circumstances but it's crazy to think about, Isolation kind of came out of nowhere.

I'm so thankful horror games are back in such a meaningful way. Can't wait to play more Isolation when the sun goes down.

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Holy shit I am so excited one of the greatest games of all time. I am constantly talking about how good the REmake is. This is fantastic news! Remake the other ones now!

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@rorie: Hey Matt, I had actually been following openings through the CBS-I website and noticed the openings go up on Friday. I submitted my application late last night but I don't think it worked properly and it may have omitted some important information. I was wondering if you might be able to help me out or at least verify what got through. Please private message me if you have the time, I feel like if I sent you one it would be lost in the inevitable flood that you guys must receive.



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@darkest4 said:

Corporate greed is just insane,

While you're not wrong I think this is one instance where they're not so insane. You'd run into issues like this at most companies.

Most companies aren't usually thrilled when they pay you lots of money for R&D and then you go take it somewhere else, especially when you make a ton of money off your research. The same research that you were really only capable of doing because ZeniMax was paying your salary to basically do said research. Generally when you pay someone for R&D you're expecting a return on that investment of salary and time in the form of pushing that companies work forward and making more money because of it.

It actually sounds like a pretty logical complaint.