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RE6 is not a bad game.

This was a nice read, looking forward to playing the REmake for the first time myself.

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Petroglyph hasn't exactly had a great track record. Nothing they've made even comes close to old C&C.

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I'm looking forward to picking this up for $30 during the Steam summer sale.

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If you're new and want a frame to build, absolutely go for Rhino. Rhino's been one of the very best warframes in the game since his introduction. He's basically invulnerable which can be real handy while you're still learning. Nova is also good to the point where she's broken, mostly due to her ability to kill entire rooms of enemies instantly.

A couple other great ones are Nyx and Saryn.

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I'm with the people who found this game to be good, but nothing that special. The nemesis system was neat, but if you didn't die (which wasn't all that hard since the game is pretty easy) you only got to experience part of it.

The campaign was way too short and never used the characters to any real effect.

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If you got the time, it might be worth it to reset the router to factory settings and set everything up from scratch. If not, routers usually have a note on them with the default admin password. You can also google your router's model and find the default login that way.

As Zelyre said, get WPA2 up and running as soon as possible. AFAIK it's yet to be cracked.

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Not much we can help you with unless you provide more details. Do you use a router? Does said router have a WLAN network set up?

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While I'm almost certainly going to get the game, this actually makes me want to pre-order it less. I don't want a full arsenal of powerful weapons right when I start playing.

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DA:I is my GOTY so I do think it's a shame noone but Patrick/Vinny is interested in it. They all have their own taste though, so I'm not going to tell them what they can and cannot like.