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My 2-cent suggestion:

1) don't give player a choice when there isn't one: can you choose to not pay respect? no, then guide player through this instead of letting them do it.

2) Advanced Warfare only have a few hours of gameplay anyway, so I don't see why they must try to build emotional moments in the campaign, are players looking forward to these scenes? no, then maybe try to build something else.

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Not talking about the gameplay itself, but the implication of having familiar characters.

"It's the same damn ___" is common argument among players.

Edit: I think the main reason we play DW are for characteres and plotlines, not really loot grinding or actions.

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That...is nothing like Mario Party, honestly. Mario Party games are simple minigame collections designed with board game motifs that contain no real story to speak of. The characters do cater to fans, but not in the same way. There's really nothing to talk about regarding the characterization in Mario Party. There's no historical background to the Mario Party cast. It's not like a person could compare Mario to, what, the old landlord Nintendo named him after?

This is just a comparison that makes no sense. Also, I've never had a problem explaining why Dynasty Warriors is worth playing from my perspective. The bigger issue I've encountered is running into people that are just unwilling to listen.

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Also I like Warriors Orochi series because it's totally crazy, unlike the main series, which is just not crazy enough nowadays.

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In that:

  1. You know these characters, for years.
  2. You get these characters to do shit that are non-canonical.
  3. You get to argue with people about those non-canonical plotlines, while demonstrating your superior knowledge about canonical history by pointing out obscure reference.
  4. You get to have character inter-relationship Fantasy, and Koei know that well enough to add plot specifically to cater to fans.
  5. You have a problem explaining why this is worth playing.

PS: I am from China and I don't mind.

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Patrick will be remembered as the person that put both Xbox One DRM and Kinect to bed single-handedly (citation needed)

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also, subscribe for this.

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Been a yearly subscriber since Day 1, recently changed my card so I had to renew it manually.

The confirm page is still great. Guys, you should really subscribe, just to hear that *sound*.

(Plus it's good to hear from Ryan ;-)

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@rhaknar said:

China Dont Care

yeah, most don't care enough to pay.

now even less of them care.

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(This is my email to bombcast email address after listening to this week's podcast... it's a rant, but hopefully shed some light on this crazy and sad situation about Steam.)

Hi GB Crews,

Heard you guys were wondering how steam setup regional differences, as a gamer from china I can tell a story or 2.

I have been a steam user since 2004 and now owns 200+ games on steam, but in recent years it became increasingly difficult to purchase great games over steam in china.

Why? Because steam pretty much refuse to sale any games from a publisher that have subsidiary companies in china, probably due to contract obligation.

One of the more notable example here is 2K Games, if you went to Steam search and select 2K from the publisher list, there are tons of great games: Borderline, X-Com, Bioshock, Civ series etc.


But what if you went there with a Chinese IP? Well you will see 2 games: Civ 3 and Stronghold.

OK, maybe 2K is not your thing, what if you want some GTA action? Or L.A. Noire? Sorry, none of the Rockstar Games are available from within China.

By using proxy and fake address (steam also has a not so secret ?cc=country_code parameter that let you browse category without proxy), you might get lucky during purchase. But in recent years Valve has tighten up the region check, if you got a Chinese credit card (be it Visa or MasterCard), you will be detected as chinese resident and transaction will fail (even when you try to wrap it in a paypal account).

I am not sure how we got to this point really, does publisher only cares about the western market? How hard must I try to give them my money?

So I sort of give up, as a steam user and gamer… I still watch you guys’ show, but buying games? It’s just not worth the hassle (ask your friend to import a game then send it to you, now over the internet).

Have a nice day,

David Frank