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I want my leaked low-quality podcast preview!

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Damn it, it wasn't there last time I looked. but thx for pointing out!

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I have been waiting for a Simcity successor, and so far the reviews are good.

I am just wondering if I should wait for a GB QL/Review to learn more about this game before purchasing.

(Not like I am going to miss anything by waiting a bit right?)

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Goddman it EA.

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You are free to suggest how you would like Giantbomb to be, but this post got them to update (or rather, unpin) the featured content, which I think is the right step.

I don't personally care about how much news GB has, but rather, I care when there are lack of attentions to news section. But let me be honest here, I stumble into it. So perhaps a dedicated `news` tab on navigation isn't necessary at this point.

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but perhaps the news section could use some new features?

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backend or frontend or designer? anyway welcome!

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Given rating board's vivid description, I am kinda disappointed with the actual gameplay. It's interesting that the rating description takes the gameplay out of its context (a film set?)

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<> thanks for your reports

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My 2-cent suggestion:

1) don't give player a choice when there isn't one: can you choose to not pay respect? no, then guide player through this instead of letting them do it.

2) Advanced Warfare only have a few hours of gameplay anyway, so I don't see why they must try to build emotional moments in the campaign, are players looking forward to these scenes? no, then maybe try to build something else.