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Pretty much the only reason why I still have my 360 is so I can play Unreal Championship 2 and Jet Set Radio Future.

Also, maybe Amped and Dead or Alive.

As well as Ninja Gaiden and Project Gotham Racing.

Okay, I'm never getting rid of my Xbox.

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Neo Geo games are ridiculously expensive. This is the cheapest I've found so far:

ebay link

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Lone: Reality Testing

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned more. Giant Bomb community must be sleeping on this dude, especially considering he makes somewhat video game sounding music. Jaded is my favourite track at the moment:

Ya, some of his older songs sound straight out of sonic or something. Really easy to listen to.

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Lone: Reality Testing

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Ya I bought my parents a dell OptiPlex off the internet and didn't realize it was the ultra small form. It's built like the first 360 model, doesn't even have a cpu fan.

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He totally absorbed that dude's soul after killing him.

Also, how is he videotaping with that guy staring right at him next to the no photography sign.

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@oraknabo said:

Pretty much all of the Zelda games.

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Fez and Journey are the most recent ones for me

Dark Souls.

Most Bethesda or Rockstar games.