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How do I vote for Jeff for ESports Player of the Year

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Great, now I'm hungry. Also, don't buy a $100 dollar graphics card.

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Cool thanks for the heads up.

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@korwin said:

Canadian Devil in full force.

I think they see through the charade.

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@onlykris said:

I love watching these three laugh:

It was so worth staying up to watch that. Can't wait for the extra life this year. This was another good part;

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If you have an FX 8320 already, upgrading your graphics card is going to give you way better fps than upgrading your cpu. Plus, newer games are taking better advantage of multiple cores it seems.

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@mb said:

@dfl017: Did you notice that if you immediately re-run the benchmark the minimum FPS is much higher? I think it's measuring the very beginning when the benchmark is loading, the number seems to be off.

You're right, the min and average was higher after reloading it. The framerate only drops under 30 in the first couple of seconds. Not that ill be playing it on ultra anyway.

Also, just as an aside when a game adds a benchmark option it is usually a good sign that they put effort into the pc version. They even have a cool graph on the top corner. Can't wait to play more of this game.

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@mb: Just for comparison here is my benchmark for a 3GB 660ti with 8350FX on ultra. (With FXAA turned on in the Nvidia panel)

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I just saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and really liked it. Would definitely recommend it to you.

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