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It feels like Dark Souls 2 is a combination of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. The environments are definitely more similar to Demon's Souls.

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If you go to giantbomb.com/live you can watch the last streamed archive, for some reason. I managed to watch UPF just now by doing that. Go go go!

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It said coming up 8:00 AM this morning so it's probably not coming today.

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@darkfury: Agree with you completely. Very few games have the sense of discovery in the community like these games .

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I probably never would have played Dark Souls or Saints Row the Third if it wasn't for this site. I love those games.

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@wolfgame said:

somewhat unrelated, but I remember when game informer decided to investigate marios abilities, they asked a doctor what kind of dangers and harm mario would cause to himself if he tried to ground pound a turtle in real life, I think they determined Mario would run the risk of fracturing his tail bone. As far as your question though I would say it's his fist.

I really need to read this article.

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Sounds fine to me. I'll play battlefield if I want large games.

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This entire thread would have made no sense at all 10 years ago.