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If they did this for Fresh Prince of Bel-air, I'd be all over it.

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@bisonhero: The most important thing, is you will never not notice it now.

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GT: Mack Luster

I'm PST, please add me. Would love some dudes to play with, haven't played on Xbox live in a couple years.

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@melvargh: I've played the Xbox 360 version. It's absolutely lacking. Meteos is 100% a touchscreen game. It'd probably be great on a mobile phone.

I actually dug my DS Lite out from my junk drawer the other day, and played some Meteos. I probably played more in that sitting than I did overall with the 360 version.

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GT: Mack Luster

Region: California (PST)

Pre-Ordered the Titanfall bundle, also planning on getting BF4, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, NBA 2k14, Madden 25, and FIFA 14. Add me especially if you're looking for an above average opponent in a sport game :)

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You know, I was looking into buying an Xbox One, but now that I know the PS4 is only 2 1/2 beer cans tall, I'm going to have some things to reconsider.

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Gears of War 2 was better than 3 in my opinion, and CoD 4 is my undisputed king of the last generation (I probably put more hours into the beta, than I did any other retail game on PS3 or Xbox 360).

So, this list is completely useless to me. Have fun though!

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This man isn't insane... This man is free.

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Threw a temper tantrum? He was publicly attacked by a talentless hack. Stop pretending like you wouldn't react the same way in that situation.

I'm 100% on Phil Fish's side. This dude gets shit on more than any other person in gaming, simply because he has opinions people don't like.

I mean, Phil Fish isn't responding to criticism. He's responding to fucking unwarranted insults and attacks in a public forum. Why is nobody talking about what a shithead this Annoyedgamer guy is? He couldn't get quotes, so he goes on is little soap box and starts attacking people?

Why are we ignoring the instigator here? So some hack can turn on a camera and start insulting somebody unprovoked, but if the attackee responds, that guy is portrayed to have thrown a temper tantrum?

I'm not one of those people who thinks the internet is a irredeemable cesspool that actually does more harm than it does good... But I'm closer now than I've ever been. I can't believe a legion of people could get a story so wrong in such a small amount of time. The only explanation is that said legion is full of sociopaths.

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Las Vegas in a few games, but most memorably for me, in Fallout New Vegas. The map and freeways are fairly accurate, which made that game a little weirder for me.