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For returning players who have not played in a while or new players, if you're interested in tanking I would recommend to run through dungeons as DPS. Since every tank has a DPS spec you can run through the dungeon, see the correct route and what kind of enemies you're gonna face.Dual spec is useful in that area, then it all comes down to getting to know your abilities. That helped me a bunch so I wouldn't have to figure out the dungeon on the fly.

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I remember when I first tried to capture a berserker, bad times for that rookie.

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Xbox- DFuze

Don't have any country.

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I've had this one for a good minute, but lotta cool ones on here have me thinking of changing it up it a bit.

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Watching any type of MMO raid be it WoW or otherwise is always kinda boring to me to tell the truth. Its when I put the headphones on and getting feedback from the game and fellow raiders is when my blood starts flowing. Getting 40 20 or 10 peeps to try to work together can be an ordeal. If anyone else remembers just facing Illidan for the first time just felt quite epic. Im pre-ordered and ready to go. Game looks cool

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Also side note if you have Bit.Trip.Beat theres a GLaDOS level that just put in.  And yeah it's a lil hard

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 Somehow I find myself lying face down on a beach with a train rolling through.  Just got Podcepted or Incasted.