I don't think I like movie or video game critics...

I liked every episode of the walking dead and it is one of my favorite games.

It is so good that it actually has me questioning whether I want to read video game journalist articles anymore or listen to podcasts. Every time I saw something (not necessarily on this site) that was negative about the game, it just seemed so petty most of the time. And because of my fear of sites spoiling the story, I never read an article before I played the game. I avoided all information and forms and played the game at my leisure without bias.

AND I LOVED THE GAME. Something I wasn't able to say for a long time about video games.

I think there is too much negativity and (more importantly) subjectivity in video game journalism. I think it is hurting my experience with some video games. I don't know if I want to continue to read or listen to podcasts pertaining to video games anymore... which is a shame because I like the bombcast. Also, half the joy of playing video games is discovering what is in them. I don't need someone to tell me what AWESOME thing happens in it.

I have the same problem with movie critics. They suck. There were thousands of movie critics that said forrest gump was a bad movie for all these different reasons. But I watched that movie with no bias and no knowledge and I enjoyed it a lot. I still enjoy the quotes. I still enjoy going on runs and hearing ignorant fat people say "Run forrest, Run!" out their car windows.

I started going to video game journalists to avoid buying BAD games. But if by going to them I am harming my experience with all games including good ones, than I rather just stop.

By the way, sort of unrelated... I never experienced any bugs with TWD on PC. No save game issues or anything. And it sounds like neither did the bombcast, they were just relaying information they heard/read about themselves.


bombcast 8/9/11 - 5 Quick thoughts about it.

1. I really enjoyed Patrick's story about reaching into the cabinet and being scared of dieing. I've had that moment a few times when messing with power supplies or fixing some equipment. And I've asked people to keep an eye on me in case I start getting jolted. I could relate to his story.

2. Vinny and his timing joke about being called a "Hard on" in the email for buying a reduced price 3DS and double dipping was so funny, I was listening to it in a public place and snorted (tried to hold in the laugh) reallllly loud. Vinny is the man.

3. I really like Jeff. But I didn't even notice he was gone until well into the bombcast. The conversations were great, except...

4. I felt like you guys tried to hard with that whole pizza joke thing. But maybe that's just cause I want you to get on with it and talk about video games.

5. I really appreciate you guys mixing up the bombcast with Early emails, GG buttons, and Dice rolls. It was pretty funny when u started the bombcast over again.

In general, keep up the good work.


I will buy crysis 2 when they give us dx11 (Maybe)

Crysis 2 and cryengine have been advertised and talked about for months and months. They kept saying it would benefit from being on consoles because it gets a bigger budget and stuff... But that lack of dx10 and 11 on release is inexcusable.
After reading Jeff's review and quicklooks I wanted to buy it but I won't until they give us dx11 and even then.... 
How good is the dx11 support really going to be for a game that was released as dx9? They obviously put most of there effort into the dx9 version. 
I am not disappointed with the gameplay (I haven't played it but what I have heard about it seems good and improved a bit), I am disappointed with the support.  
I would never of imagined after finishing crysis 1 that years later crysis 2 would be released with a DX version a generation behind... 
I care about graphics a lot, especially when it comes to this game. And no matter how good they made it look with dx9 they still held it back by not using 11.
And yes I am a pc gamer complaining about how we were slighted. (People get annoyed by that apparently)  
Because this is a case of the game being dragged down by the majority in one way.  
Doesn't mean I don't want you console gamers to have fun. 
p.s. it also doesn't help that I feel like I was lied to by marketing/people making the game for a year or so. I am a bit sensitive to that.


Dragon Age 2 quick look reactions...

I don't know how people can say the art style in DA2 looks any better then DA:O. I will wait till the game comes out but it looks worse as of now.  
Giant Bomb has too many console gamers I think... Cause I see a lot of comments about how the controls look better and coming from the PC version which was the best of the three the controls look HORRRRRRRRIBLE. 
I hope DA2 ends up being great because DA:O was one of the best games I have ever played and I would easily give it a 100/100. I never played a single player game for so long and enjoyed it so much. Ugh, I hope that DA2 quick look was just a bad first impression and not a real representation of the final product.


Google-Verizon's fake "Net-Neutrality" Proposal... WTF?!

Hey gamers...and internet users.... AND DUDERS
Read this shit... 

 The proposal is one massive loophole that sets the stage for the corporate takeover of the Internet    


What Google and Verizon are proposing is fake Net Neutrality. You can read their framework for yourself here or go here to see Google twisting itself in knots about this suddenly "thorny issue." But here are the basics of what the two companies are proposing:

1. Under their proposal, there would be no Net Neutrality on wireless networks -- meaning anything goes, from blocking websites and applications to pay-for-priority treatment.

2. Their proposed standard for "non-discrimination" on wired networks is so weak that actions like Comcast's widely denounced blocking of BitTorrent would be allowed.

3. The deal would let ISPs like Verizon -- instead of Internet users like you -- decide which applications deserve the best quality of service. That's not the way the Internet has ever worked, and it threatens to close the door on tomorrow's innovative applications. (If RealPlayer had been favored a few years ago, would we ever have gotten YouTube?)

4. The deal would allow ISPs to effectively split the Internet into "two pipes" -- one of which would be reserved for "managed services," a pay-for-play platform for content and applications. This is the proverbial toll road on the information superhighway, a fast lane reserved for the select few, while the rest of us are stuck on the cyber-equivalent of a winding dirt road.

5. The pact proposes to turn the Federal Communications Commission into a toothless watchdog, left fruitlessly chasing consumer complaints but unable to make rules of its own. Instead, it would leave it up to unaccountable (and almost surely industry-controlled) third parties to decide what the rules should be.

Please do yourself and everyone a favor and take action... 
This bullshit can not stand. 

Scooby Doo!!!

Yo, I saw this picture 
 And I started thinking back to when I was a kid watching scooby doo.... 
the monster was always a guy in a mask... and I loved it............... 


SC2 on brutal!!!

I'm trying to play through the whole SC2 campaign on only Brutal. So far I've gotten 8 campaigns done. The only one that seems near impossible so far is the train mission, but I am going to go back to it soon and try again.  
Anyone else trying the same thing? 


Any Zune owners here?

There are not a lot of zune owners out there, but from the few that have them I hear very good things.
I've had this Zune 80gb for about a year or more now... I bought it refurbished and It was cheap and I didn't expect to like it as much as I do.  
I actually listen to the bombcasts all the time on it. 
If your ever looking for an MP3 player with lots of space and you don't care about compatibility with accessories, consider looking for a refurb zune because it is great bang for buck.
Anyone else have a Zune out there? Any kind, HD or older generation?

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