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I saw the trailer on youtube today and was like "didn't ryan say this shit was dead?"

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@sweep: also they are pretty entertaining.

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Good article and it is nice to see the Verge linking their fan base over to my favorite game related site.

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The shadow effect looks so nice on the new website.

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Hey this may be old news to a lot of you, but Conan O'Brien has been doing video game reviews. I find them funny.

But I also find it interesting that I have seen friends on my facebook who I don't associate with video games posting links to some of his videos. I saw about 8 friends post a different video over the past week, 3 of them girls. I think they posted it mainly because it was Conan being pervy during the Tomb Raider game, which is fine. I really doubt that they have any interest in the game. I want to be clear that I am not saying there are not women gamers. I'm just saying the ones that posted the video probably don't play.

It is just cool to see the gap between video games and other media bridged every once in a while.


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This makes me like Patrick....what is happening?!?!

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Infinity blade 1 and 2 were actually pretty good. I was looking forward to a game with maybe a few new mechanics and a better story...

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Patrick always has to bring up Lost... which I can not relate to at all because it was a bad show.

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Where is Will Smith?

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@Ravenlight said:

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@MordeaniisChaos said:

Formatting, blurg!

Format it for me please.

WYSIWYG formatting can be kind of wonky if you're using whitespace to align multiple objects on the same line.

Try a table for data like that:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim2.75 millionThe Elder ScrollsNovember 11, 2011
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings1.1 millionThe WitcherMay 17, 2011
Portal 28.0 millionHalf-LifeApril 19, 2011

This is invaluable for wrangling large wiki pages where Parchment starts to lose fidelity because the page is huge.

OK, I'll manually make a table later. Even if no one reads this on Giantbomb I can easily turn this into a short assignment to hand in for some other class at some point (obviously not as is).