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Got promoted back up to Plat.

It looks like we got a GM back also ;)

Congratz vileDomorin

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As a PC gamer, A former CS:S Competitive gamer online and irl (I went to more then a few tournaments and my team placed in at least top 3 every time), and just a person who enjoys valve shooters...

Bring it on. As long as it has dedicated servers and plays like Counter Strike, I will buy it. Hopefully they fix the bad registration of hits that plagued cs:s. I'm optimistic that valve won't throw us under the bus.

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This is my favorite game ever.

That may be because I saved up and bought it with my own money when I was a kid. And then committed a lot of time to getting good at the game.

I REALLY enjoyed the Russian campaign. I mean all of them were good, but that one had an awesome time traveling story and stuff.

But what kept me coming back for more was the multiplayer. By the end of my time playing the game online I was up there as the best in all the MOD settings (dm/sh/tl) and Mid, and Pre to space. I won a few online tournaments and once at a lan party. But those were all for fun of course. I used to LOVE clan wars.

Just wanted to be the one to post here. It is a shame that the sequels sucked so hard. I bought Empire Earth 2 optimistically and they really let the community down. They really just needed to remake the game and add some more awesome campaigns, but instead they screwed up and tried to make it all civilization style or something.

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@MistaSparkle: You should subscribe, you will get more pizza paper in exchange for nasty non edible green paper.

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@LibraryDues: lol....

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@Rhaknar:Well said.

I used to have a similar problem with the Screened podcast. But Rorie has been much less depressing and less down on his awesome job, and Alex has been...

Well Rorie has been much better.

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@Fattony12000 said:


@RockinKemosabe said:

But with no Jeff, being loud and disruptive, then there is no cameo by Dave.


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@ChibiSoma:I disagree good sir. He may be extreme in his passion for video games and expression, but he provides a refreshing change from the modern day over used genres. Braid is one of my favorite games ever.

I will happily buy this on release day.

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1. I really enjoyed Patrick's story about reaching into the cabinet and being scared of dieing. I've had that moment a few times when messing with power supplies or fixing some equipment. And I've asked people to keep an eye on me in case I start getting jolted. I could relate to his story.

2. Vinny and his timing joke about being called a "Hard on" in the email for buying a reduced price 3DS and double dipping was so funny, I was listening to it in a public place and snorted (tried to hold in the laugh) reallllly loud. Vinny is the man.

3. I really like Jeff. But I didn't even notice he was gone until well into the bombcast. The conversations were great, except...

4. I felt like you guys tried to hard with that whole pizza joke thing. But maybe that's just cause I want you to get on with it and talk about video games.

5. I really appreciate you guys mixing up the bombcast with Early emails, GG buttons, and Dice rolls. It was pretty funny when u started the bombcast over again.

In general, keep up the good work.

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This encourages Piracy.

How do you ensure that you get the game easily, without buying from a place you don't like, and at the same time you get all the pre order goodies? You pirate the fucking game.

I'd gladly buy it on steam if I could just have the fucking game and not miss anything.