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If anyone is on XBox One, I'll be on there, DG Bruin 08.

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I know I'm a little late to the party with the fantasy football sign-ups, but here is my league. I have a few spots open for you duders to join.

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I've visited Canada, Mexico, and Argentina.

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I alternate. It depends on whether or not I have a workout scheduled during the day, or if I'm too lazy to shower at night.

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@goldone: Watch it on Hulu Plus. They probably cut out most of the crap.

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Good luck new crew duders. Can't wait to see how you contribute to the site.

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Not only was he a great hitter, it says a lot about the type of athlete he was that he played in the National League and was a position player. A guy his size is typically a DH.

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@emofratparty: I'm going to be there for sure on Monday for the XBox media briefing. I'll also try to be there on Wednesday, still trying to get the day off. Friday, I'll be there for sure, since I already have the day off.

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@marino: The registration form quite literally said XBox fan as my affiliation. For some reason, Microsoft decided to give me a complimentary pass to E3. I got this after I got selected to attend their media briefing.