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Have you guys updated your controller firmware?

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@truthtellah: I got these in an email from Nintendo Australia so I guess they are region specific?

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I have a 1 month free PlayStation Plus trial code for anyone who wants it. It appears only valid for players who have never been a Plus member previously.


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Nice idea - love the artwork. Now I want to go buy some Criterion movies.

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@sarumarine: My mind is blown. All these years I've fondly remembered the subtitle being "Diddy Kong's Quest". I've been living a lie.

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I gave it a few hours when it released and enjoyed my time but soon lost the itch to keep going back.

But recently with new DLC coming out I've dipped back in and been more fun with it than before.

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PlayStation 4 (Europe)



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Added a whole bunch of you! Feel free to add me too.


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My advice would be to seek out people already working in the profession you are considering for yourself and ask them any questions you might have. See what it is actually like before you study.