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Loving the new cards. I play exclusively as Priest and this expansion has really improved my decks. Really love seeing everyone experimenting with new styles.

Any other Priests here? Let me know what's been working for you. Troggzor, Lightbomb and the Shrinkmeisters are my new favourites.

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I plan on picking this up soon but I have so many other games to finish first!

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I always read "Geoff Keighley" as "Keira Knightley" for some odd reason.

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I was holding off on buying this til it goes on sale (my back catalogue is always huge) but reading this topic convinced me to buy it now and support the guy.

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Very informative. Thank you! Answered many questions that I've been asking myself.

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Also seeking friends to raid with! Currently level 27 Warlock.

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I'll give the PS+ version a red hot go.

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Have you guys updated your controller firmware?

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@truthtellah: I got these in an email from Nintendo Australia so I guess they are region specific?

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