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I'll pay an additional $20 just for a uncensored dlc patch on day one, cause i can't stand censorship.

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Campaign and Horde #*$@ Competitive multiplayer. 
And im still hopin they kill Anya instead of any one else.

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8 year olds shouldn't be playing video games...

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@Manhattan_Project said:

Why is the OP getting all this flack? He doesn't want to support something so he isn't going to buy it. WTF is so wrong about that?

I see plenty off people telling anyone who will listen that if they don't like something, they shouldn't buy. So why is this stupid?

cause the moment i mentioned anything about nudity, thats where their minds went. 
completely ignoring the fact that i'm complaining about censorship in general.
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Should have known this topic was screwed the moment i typed penis... 
What i was hoping would be an open discussion on censorship has turned into this crap... 
The internet is sadly a pathetic yet beautiful thing...

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if gears of war cut out the blood and gore, or GTA cut out the drugs and course language i'd cancel those as well.

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Its not about the nudity. I despise censorship in any form with a passion, it shows a lack of character that a studio or company decided to sell out, and censor their product so more people (children who shouldn't be playing it in the first place ) would be able to buy it. Its the same reason i don't waste money going to movies while theyre in the theater because nowadays, they'd rather make money then give people the real finished product, and just squeeze out a teen friendly pg13 pile of crap. Forcing people to rent or buy the UNRATED dvd version 7 months later. 
I cant stand censorship in any form be it nudity, violence, free speech or any other form.

To me its an insult

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Fireball...i like my girly drinks =D

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Well its official all nudity is censored in the game, with those hidious pixels. Making me wonder YET AGAIN what the hell is wrong with the world when you can have a game that lets you beat homeless people to death with a 4ft long plastic penis yet can't show a single barebreast or "real" penis

So how is this "The most over the top video game ever made" if its censored? Too bad the game looked good too, oh well.
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I simply would've have made them, i was happy with how the matrix ended, and i didnt think they needed to continue any farther. Thats the main problem with movies now adays, the first one was great, and in no way needed a sequal, but they make one anyway because they think thats what fans want (the studio wants more money :p)