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So has Ridley Scott gone back to making good movies?

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@arouga said:

So it turns out i'm the leader for the actual official gb social club crew from the max payne 3 days. So i cleaned out the crew and since im on ps3 well use this as another "overflow" crew i guess. But i'll leave it as open so feel free to join

Thanks for doing that, I've added GBSQ to the OP. Do you want to it be multiplat or just PS3?

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@humanity: if you use that link (which I found on a random Halo site) it lets you make a new account with 1 month free of Gold. And anything you download on one profile will work locally on the same box for other profiles, even if the original that downloaded it isn't signed in.

Making a new account with the right region might be too much of a hassle, though.

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@humanity: I think you'd be able to download it on a free Gold account, then your main profile on your box would have access. But yeah, if Halo's not your thing then no real loss.

I'm hoping it gives the multiplayer population a boost at least, but anyone who didn't play it back in the day will likely find the controls/mechanics dated or the difficulty too high to stick around.

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@humanity: are you able to make a free account or is that blocked in the region too?

Also might be worth getting a cheap copy of ODST instead so you get all the H3 DLC, unless you're more in it for the campaign that is.

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Still the best Halo multiplayer on 360 in my mind, even with the poor netcode.

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@pyrodactyl: No word from Rockstar yet. Maybe that's a "we can't do that" refusal or they're just overloaded with emails at the moment. It would be nice if someone on the GB staff had a direct PR contact and could ask them officially.

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@doejonathan said:

Would be nice if the OP could be updated to bring the second crew option to light.


I sent Rockstar an email about setting up a sponsored crew with no member limit. I'll also try to remind Rorie on Monday to ask the GameSpot folks how they went about it, but chances are R* had them automatically set up prior to Max Payne 3 for gaming sites with the most traffic. We'll see if GB can qualify for it.