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Alien: Isolation

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Far Cry 2. Finished the story for the first time yesterday actually.

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@nodima: Ah, so all those people level 100+ most likely used an exploit. That's good to know.

To be clear I did not mean to insult anyone who enjoys the competitive modes in GTA Online. There are just other alternatives for third-person-cover-shooter multiplayer that play much better in my mind.

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GTA Online did not sustain my interest like I expected it to. It baffles me that for all Rockstar's singleplayer prowess, they've never been able to nail multiplayer. Even basic things like grouping up with friends (which was super easy in Red Dead multi) are a hassle. And as far as activities go, there's only so much fun I could get out of stealing a jet from the military base or climbing Mt. Chiliad for some shenanigans. The actual missions and races aren't very compelling either, and I really don't understand who in their right mind would play competitive deathmatch-style modes in that game.

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@hailinel: It is crazy to think about. Can't say I'm disappointed by the changes they've made, though. Correcting their mistakes has been enough to convince me to buy one this fall for Halo.

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So much for Xbox becoming the next water cooler.

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Indeed, it's among my all-time favorites. I would consider it a perfect film and Scarlett's best work (Under the Skin might edge it out in that regard, but it's too early to tell).

Too many great scenes/moments to name: Giovanni Ribisi loving the sound of his own voice, the dude that asks Scarlett if she likes hip-hop, sneaking passed the ditzy blonde singing in the lounge, Bill Murray singing Bryan Ferry...