Podcast Overload: My Epic Podcast Quest

Over the years I've really enjoyed the Bombcast and This is Only A Test and I've listened to all of them, to a point. This past summer I was really busy and it threw me off my podcast game, so I've started backtracking on podcasts. From this moment on until I'm done I will be listening to every Bombcast And TIOAT (which is a weird acronym but I'm leaving it!) until I've caught up again. The tallys are 34 and 1/2 Bombcasts and 46 and 3/4 Tested podcasts. These counts include Octoberkasts, CEScasts, and GOTY editions so there is some doozies in there Let's hope I don't go TOO insane from all of this and I'll be keeping up with blogs on my progress along this crazy Whiskey adventure.

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Received a copy of Halo Reach with the Beta Dashboard Update.

So today I received the "special" Halo Reach disc from Microsoft for their Dashboard Update preview program.  It's really not anything special as far as I've noticed but I thought it was kind of neat to share.  Update:  Just installed the game.  It installed at 6.7 gbs and OG Reach installed at 6.6.  Mind blowing right???  Also, Microsoft seems to be still pro with the Word Art.


bionic commando :)

i bout some Microsoft points for castle crashers and had some leftover points, so i bought bionic commando for fun. wow, this game surprised me. really fun, good music, awesome exploding Hitler head. i highly recommend it to anyone.

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