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@MiniPato: I like to think they had Ellen Page in mind but Quantic Dream got her to work on Beyond instead. Would make sense I think.

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I'm interested but skeptical. The gameplay seems amazing, the graphics look great, a serious improvement thinking back how it originally looked (yes I'm aware that first one came out over 10 years ago but still). My only problem is that the story itself looks more action cop with a bit of a mean streak and a past, and not the dark, film noire piece that embodied the first two games. More Die Hard than Matlese Falcon. And that doesn't make it a bad game, I'm very sure that this will be an excellent game. But it seems to me like they originally were just making a shooter than was in the same style of the first two Max Payne games and then just thought to add in the MP name for brand recognition and nostalgia points.

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Very interesting, will keep an eye on this site along side GB.

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Winner: Portal 2

Runner-Up: Dead Space 2

(Was gonna say Bastion, but then remembered Dead Space 2 was this year not last. Bastion still awesome.)

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Winner: Assassins Creed: Revelations: same thing over again for full price.

Runner up: Gears of War 3: just wasn`t as fun as the previous iterations.

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I am actually kinda upset at how jaded some of you are. I love a good chunk of the intern's content, especially the Halo Anniversary playthrough. I really don't think it harms GB and on the contrary is actually some fun stuff to watch, don't get me wrong they can get a little lame sometimes but its still pretty good.

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@The_Laughing_Man: Also I didn't see the other thread about this, searched but to no avail. Mah bad.

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@The_Laughing_Man: I read that too about the RE6 rumour. I really highly doubt that. Just doesn't look like a Capcom thing at all.

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@Dany: Both Kotaku and IGN have reported that this is game related, some sort of PS3 exclusive of which more will be revealed at the Spike Awards. Although I totally understand what you mean. Nothing points to it even being related to vidya games.

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Kotaku and IGN have picked this up. Apparently the youtube account's been there since 2006. I've been trying to get to the site but its down right now I believe.

Thoughts? Looks interesting for a game cause its something new but then again, how do we even know its a game?