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We still miss you, Ryan. Probably always will.

Has anything been "officially" said on this sad anniversary? I've been a bit out the loop lately.

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@hayt said:

Has to be Morrowind or Deus Ex. Those games are just full of madness.


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Happy Birthday, Ryan. Still miss you every week.

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Well I farmed this thread and went back several pages until I was a few slots shy of full (assuming the earliest adopters may not be revisiting).

It's complete overkill, but a nice side activity while watching the Olympics! See you around, Duders!

p.s. 4038-5996-5144 (Diachron)

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Added anyone from page 4 and on. Still adding you guys. This is fun... though a bit time consuming. I just started playing yesterday so I'm on duty to get stronger attacks! Also we'll all be set for future Spotpass stuff :)


FC: 0187-9892-9700

Username: MisfitToy

Hey MisfitToy-- FYI this number is coming up as invalid.

(I'm working my way backwards to the first page, so if this has already been pointed out, I haven't gotten there yet).

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Please bravely add me by default!


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Good list.

Thanks for the Ryan pic. I really miss him.

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While I agree that the purpose of the game is to feel the pinch of having to fumble through awkward documents under the specter of the clock, I also agree that a quick reference isn't a completely terrible idea. Being too lazy to assemble one, I thank everyone who already has!

I also found this on the internets [author unknown]: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BywnRPG-G-i7R0NJcHJLS2c2NG8/edit

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Very much. Never doubt the value of your dumb careers.

I'm not a social guy (see post count), but I honestly consider everyone at GB my friend. I've had one friend vanish, and that's certainly hard. Almost worse is watching the remaining friends go through such a hard time and knowing that I have nothing to offer in help, because they do not know me. IT IS A CONFUSING SITUATION.

Just know that for every one person sending their vague, distant support, there are probably fifty like me quietly wishing we could help.

Well spoken.

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Rest in peace Ryan. Still can't believe you're gone.